A trip to Buenos Aires…


Buenos Aires…never thought about taking a trip to Argentina, but when the opportunity arose I quickly jumped aboard! The hub had business meetings for the week so I was on my own during the weekdays & we stayed for a few extra days to explore more of the city together.  His work booked the Four Seasons, I  was so excited – great service, relaxing pool & in an area for me to wander aimlessly.

We arrived – sun shining & I was ready to unwind from the long flight. There were tons of restaurants & shops in every direction. We tasted bits of chocolate from Vasalissa & we roamed the streets till we stopped for dinner at Fervor..the dessert was noteworthy- an ice cream box! Crunchy sugar on the outside & smooth cream on the inside…this was the first of many A+ food experiences.

Drifting the city the following days I came across a few memorable details:

The last few days were spent with the hub & we sure packed the fun in! The first lunch we had was beyond our tastebuds imagination at Pizzeria El Cuartito – we were the only two tourists & the only two people who did not speak Spanish. The pizza was by far the best either one of us has ever had & we have both had a lot of pizza in our day! After some grub we walked around the San Telmo Market, I found a jade beaded necklace & some other great mementoes for cheap!

Are you wondering how we could visit Argentina without a bit of Tango? Don’t you fret we made it to a show, Rojo Tango – it was phenomenal, intense, sexual & really just made you want to learn how to tango! During the middle of the show Jon leaned over & said we should do a tango for our wedding dance…not happening.

Anywho, Buenos Aires was amazing & I would recommend it to anyone! Great food, wonderful sites to visit & the people were so nice!

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