Rehearsal Dinner

The Boat Basin is a treasure in New York City – direct view of the Hudson River, so very close to central park & has just the right vibe for a hot summer day!  Jon (my hub) & I always get on our bikes over the summer  – we do the trek from the East River bike path all the way down to the Seaport, through Battery Park and up the West Side path to The Boat Basin on 79th…yes it is long…roughly 10 miles each way!  But let me tell you – when you arrive at The Boat Basin you are rewarded with a cold beer, killer tunes and some much needed grub.  Clearly all of these reasons helped us pick this for our rehearsal dinner spot!  Plus my family is from a town on the water in PA- so we wanted to showcase the Hudson River, boats & BBQ grub! are a few details that went into our rehearsal dinner:

  • Location – The Boat Basin
  • Day of – the wonderful Lauren at  Loli Events
  • Cake – strawberry lemon cake by Momofuku Milk Bar
  • Cake Topper – good find on Etsy
  • Decor – lights & tablecloths are from The Boat Basin, the candle & flower holders are mason jars with the rims left on only, the metal tiers are from HomeGoods & the flower are from 50flowers  – they deliver in bulk and you cut down/setup
  • Caricaturist – The Nose …an amazing touch to the evening

Our wedding the following day was at The Foundry in LIC – not majorly confusing to get to but wanted to be clear that everyone had the right information for the next day.  So I created & left direction sheets randomly throughout The Boat Basin for all the people not staying at hotels who would not have  received welcome bags*.  As well, I signed up for WeddingSnap and left the cards out for guests   with the direction sheets.

* *OUR WELCOME BAGS WERE AMAZING!  I put ever little detail in these babies..we really wanted to show off NYC to all our guests!

  1. Yellow bags with personalized I ❤ bulldog welcome stickers on front, black/white checkered ribbon to close them up & a name tag for each guest
  2. A current Timeout issue – inside each issue we put the itinerary for the weekend, directions to both venues, the WeddingSnap card, a sheet of things to do around the city, a list of fun facts about NYC and a few maps
  3. Jelly Belly red apple jelly beans inside a red striped bag with an apple seal
  4. A personalized Martin’s Pretzel bag with munchies inside
  5. To top it off we added Advil for the next day hangover, bottled water & hand sanitizer to keep those city germs away!0062
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