Our Wedding Part III: the food

fooddonut bar

My mouth is watering while looking at these photos…the food was insane!  All the credit goes to the one & only Michael Stuart NY !!

  • Appetizersjumbo lump crab cakes, lobster medallion, braised short rib, chicken & dumplings, beet tartare, grilled cheese, fish taco & quinoa burgers…. all italicized are featured in the picture above – I can say that we tasted every single appetizer multiple times and they are all 5 STARS OF AWESOME!
  • Main Course – We didn’t really get any good shots of the  dinner, which really bums me out – however I posted a picture of the menu above.  The salad choice was a no brainer, roquette arugula…with grilled fennel, crispy prosciutto  & a lemon vinaigrette.   The remainder of the food was served family style – the protein was pan roasted striped bass & braised chicken..both finger licking good!  For sides we had roasted fingerling potatoes, sautéed broccolette & farro with black rice.
  • Dessert – We had a DONUT BAR! Need I say more… the theme was ‘coffee & donuts’ but the coffee was cafe patron & the donuts were make yourself – literally! From the donut filling to the icing on top – it was your creation! Me? I had at least 10 creations!  Another fun addition was our play on milk & cookies…we had soy milk in shot glasses & fresh out of the oven chocolate cookies being served on trays during the dance party!

* As mentioned in previous post – the menus were created by our floral team Poppies & Posies – great right!

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