Honeymoon Part I: franschhoek, south africa

wine country

The wedding extravaganza weekend settled & all our family left – it was such a great party! However, Jon & I were SO looking forward to the next chapter…the honeymoon!

The first leg of our three week adventure began in amazing Franschhoek, South Africa – or as I like to call it, WINE LAND! We couldn’t have been more excited to check in at Le Quartier Français – when we got to our room wine was setup & a fire was lit,  just perfect!  The night was wonderful as is, but it only got better!  We had a dinner lined up at one of the top restaurants, conveniently located at our hotel- The Tasting Room.  This spot was crazy unique &  only one word describes this gem – WOW.

The following day we woke up early to have breakfast and to our surprise the amazing food kept on coming – picture above is the drool worthy pecan bun (I would fly across the world again for that bun alone!).  The day then progressed into a 9-5 personal wine tour…wines straight from the grape, olive oil just pressed & cheese freshly curdled.  All of this just seemed to good to be true & jon & I had red marks from pinching ourselves all day!

After the tour ‘wined’ down we set off to walk the quaint downtown – cute shops on every corner, restaurants packed full of visitors & mountains surrounding your every step.  The night quickly came upon us & we headed back to the hotel.  Our room was setup with the fireplace roaring, warm water bottle placed in our bed ready for our cold feet & sweet notes which were left wishing us a peaceful night.

Overall Franschhoek was beyond and I can only recommend that you visit – screw Napa! On to the next leg…

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