Honeymoon Part II: cape town, south africa

capetownOur next stop was Cape Town, South Africa! We had a few days to pack in an everlasting list of things you can do in Cape Town…

Day one we went to the seaport, rode the ferris wheel & had dinner on the water – honestly you could have told me I was at the NYC seaport! It felt right at home with the blend of people, live music & an array of trendy restaurants on every corner.

The following morning Jon & I penciled in a full day tour with a personal guide.  Our end point was the Cape of Good Hope – one of the most southern points on the continent.  Along the way we stopped at various points – Camps Bay, Chapman’s Peak, Boulders Beach, South African Botanical Gardens2 Oceans restaurant * at the tip with the killer view and the finale – Cape of Good Hope.  So to review all of the above – I could do this route over & over again. The views are insane, the water is such a crystal blue, the flowers are  blooming, the air is fresh**, and the people are kind as can be. Multiple times throughout the day I kept asking Jon “Why do we live in the States?”

Day three was going to be a workout – hike up Table Mountain! Unfortunately,it was a chilly day with rain & the mountain had the ‘tablecloth’ effect.  We were advised to take the aerial cableway instead (bummer!!). However, Jon & I were not giving up and we opted to ride the sightseeing bus – crossing our fingers that if we killed a few hours maybe the clouds would go away!

The clouds stayed and we decided to head to the top of Table Mountain regardless – the cableway was intense, fast & furious! It was a smooth ride up into the clouds and as soon as we hit the top the sun was shining – we were above the clouds! Another bonus above the clouds was the café – crisp beer & warm beverages just when you need them!

To follow the fabulous views we decided to end out second leg of our trip with a delicious dinner at Savoy Cabbage : Chicken Liver Parfait & Sugar-Cured Kudu as appetizers and Karoo Lamb 2 ways & Fennel Dusted Warthog for dinner! Got us out of our comfort zone for sure! It was delectable & we ate it all up!

…good nights rest & onto the 1st safari!

*Jon & I still talk about the grilled ostrich burger at 2 Oceans..mmm the red currant & onion jam – it may have been the best meal on the trip!

** The air is so fresh that you see specs of red/orange on boulders – pure goodness!

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