Honeymoon Part IV: londolozi

safari 2

Safari one down & on to the next…few hours in a car & we arrived at Londolozi Tree Camp – fresh drinks & a warm welcome when we got out of the van. The next game drive was at 4 so we had just enough time to get situated in our room . The room was magnificent! Three times the size of our NYC apartment, even a dip pool & a view for days into the wild. From our porch we could see herds of elephants – heart pounding scary, but there was an electrical fence guarding the camp from animals who wanted to play.

We went out on the first game drive when we got our room in order – within minutes we sighted the first leopard!  Scared & anxious I covered my face with my shirt thinking it was a shield. The car had no sides, doors or roof, so unsure how I thought that my shirt would help! This was the first of many occasions where we were hanging with the wildlife. The driver & spotter got us SO close to the leopards & all animals – much closer then the first safari! There were moments when the leopards walked next to our car, an elephant herd so close we had to slam on our brakes  & even staring down a herd of buffalo!

Overall this camp was entirely different than the first. The rooms were on the rim of the wild, the food was superb, the sundowners were less formal & the experience with the wildlife was more aggressive! Moments where we followed cheetahs while they were trying to kill, leopards feasting on baby giraffes & lions mating.

These two camps were beyond our expectations and trust me, we will be going back on plenty of safaris!

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