Honeymoon Part V: matemwe, zanzibar


The last stop on our adventure…a week in Zanzibar! Relaxation & drinks were needed after 2 weeks of excitement. We arrived after airplanes & cars to a much needed welcome of a fresh coconut drink! Salim, our butler for the week showed us the lay of the land & helped us get settled in our room. The room was beautiful – huge outdoor patio, double hammock, massive tub & that was just on the 1st floor! The 2nd floor was pure peace – our private pool & chairs with the view of the ocean!

Welp, our bungalow was a too good that we never left! Jon & I had our breakfast brought to us most mornings for sunrise, lunch was at our private pool & dinner was under the moonlight on our porch. Drinks were at our fingertips when we requested, 3 course meals at every sitting & a bulter at all times!  It was just simple & perfect, we just sat and read – I think we both finished over 4 books in a weeks time!

We ventured out a few times to be touristy – sailing, snorkeling & a village walk. The other times were for a few drinks at the hotel bar & the dinners where all the guests were to participate. Two great dinners for all – one on the beach under the stars with live music & candles surrounding all of us & the other was for Swahili night! Traditional Swahili food, music & getup! The provided all the men & women with wraps – it was a blast!

This place was a sight to see – the sand was the consistency of flour, the water was crystal blue, the sunrise & sunset were always a must see & the food was delicious at every sitting. If you ever have the pleasure to go to Zanzibar try & stay at the ever so nice Matemwe!


That is the end of our honeymoon, hope you enjoyed!! If you have any questions regarding it let me know! xoxo

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