Chicken Soup for a sick hub!


I made this soup when the hub was feeling a bit under the weather – and honestly it was incredibly tasty that this will be the chicken soup recipe that I stick with!

  • Get a large soup pot and set it up on the stove-top
  • Put 10 chicken legs (bone in/skin on) on the bottom of the pot
  • Cut both a yellow onion & a sweet potato (with skin on) in half – put in pot
  • Slice up 2 large carrots, 2 stalks of celery & 1 leek (leaves and all) – put in pot
  • Dash of S/P, thyme sprig & 3-4 lemongrass leaves
  • Fill pot up with water to just cover all meat,veg & spices (around 6-8cups)
  • Bring to boil, then cover & let simmer for roughly an hour or so
  • Remove chicken from soup (slotted spoon works best) and remove skin (toss) and take meat off the bone
  • Return meat & bones back into pot
  • Add 1T of apple cider vinegar (brings the calcium out of the chicken bones)
  • Simmer for 15min, then remove bones & serve away!!

I swear for homemade chicken soup this is the way to go! I really dislike using sodium based products (ie chicken broth) so making a fresh soup like this was killer!

Original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 6): 307 calories – 13 grams of fat* – 9 carbs – 44 grams of protein  
* I added in chicken skin since I cooked with it even though I removed it at the end- so I am sure the recipe has less fat

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