flywheel flatiron

imagesJust got back from my first Flywheel experience!

pro: I burned 650 calories in 45 minutes!!!

con: each class is 32 buckaroo’s!!!

I arrived shaking in my boots.  I consider myself an avid gym goer and I do ride on the bike when I am there, however seeing the people come out of spinning classes at my gym literally scares me – barely able to walk, profusely sweating & wearing those shorts with butt padding, no thanks!

Anywho, my girlfriend was pestering me and first classes are free at Flywheel so why not give it a try!  Let me breakdown my experience for you..

  • Easy check in on arrival – I registered online to reserve a bike last night – super simple.  Was expeceting more paperwork when I arrived, however they have computers when you walk in & you log in to let them know you have arrived.
  • They provide the shoes – Being a germaphobe I am typically not okay with this – but I went with the flow!  When you reserve a bike you pick where you sit, #13 was me & give them your shoe size.  So right under the check in there are numbered slots and BAM my shoes were already there!
  • Unisex locker rooms – Weird yes, but really they had single room restrooms & changing rooms so you didn’t really even notice.  They provide everything to shower, deodorant, dry shampoo, tampons and much more!  As well, the locks on the lockers are simple – no need to bring a lock – they have resetting locks!
  • Free fruit, bottle water & towels – Okay so maybe you won’t eat the fruit during class but take one for the road – we did!  The water & towels are right before the classroom – you can take as many as you want.
  • The classroom & bikes were easy to navigate – Walked into a stadium seating cycling room with one of the workers there – she showed me how to sit,ride & lock in properly.  Once I was locked in the teacher was ready to rock!  The lights went down & only one spotlight was on for the teacher – the music pumped up and we rode for 45minutes.  Our teacher told us exactly what to do and kept us motivated with her voice & music.


  • Easy to adjust levels…On each bike you have a screen which shows your Torq (resistance), RPM (frequency of spins) and some other numbers that I didn’t pay attention to.  The instructor tells you exactly where you should be.

071612 Flywheel Interiors-1

  • Arms too… On each bike there are 2 weight bars – one 2lb & one 4lb.  In the midst of sweating and spinning like crazy to Foxy Brown (yes we did, how old school!) you might be told to lift weights – amazing!

Overall I loved the experience and I will go back…not sure how often but it is a great class to sweat it out fast & really it is all up to you on how much you burn!  I want to kick my 650 calories in the butt & beat it!

Have you tried Flywheel before…If so, what was your experience like?

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