“Canal seemed t…

“Canal seemed to me a wonderful pulsing fray of a street — greengrocers crushed up against haberdashers, windows stuffed with gleaming shoes, windows packed with bolts of turquoise and scarlet and violet silks.” – Lyndsay Faye, The Gods of Gotham

This book captured me at the thought of New York City in 1845.

It was a year of change – the first police force was being formed & the potato famine was hitting Ireland which was bringing immigrants to the city.  Timothy Wilde was a barkeep near Wall Street trying to save his pennies to impress a lady friend named Mercy.  Timothy’s good fortune was over, as a fire stuck his block – left him homeless, jobless & with a disfigured face.  His luck looked up when his brother Valentine scored him a job, at the newly constructed NYPD & he met Birdy – a 10 year old girl.  The story quickly turns to a manhunt of a suspected serial killer amidst the dark streets of the city.  While investigating the killer, Timothy realizes the massive corruption on the streets, inside political affairs, within the police force and even with his own brother.

The story captivated me and I was surprised to find out who the killer was, however the book was not a “can’t put it down”  type.

I give The Gods of Gotham an okay rating.


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