Coconut Curry Fish

fish after

We live right around some of the best Indian food in NYC, ‘Curry Hill’!  Literally when you walk in the neighborhood you get whiffs of curry or fresh naan baking – the best!  While walking home this evening the smell was ever so fresh and it caught me – thank goodness I always have an extra can of coconut milk & diced tomatoes in the pantry…for moments just like this!!

  • Pour one can unsweetened light coconut milk & one can unsalted diced tomatoes into a deep saute skillet
  • Turn on high heat –  dice up & add 1 yellow onion – then a handful of cherry tomatoes
  • Add 1T cinnamon, 2T turmeric & 2T curry powder
  • Then add 1t minced ginger & 2t minced garlic
  • Stir & let boil for 10 or so minutes
  • Once boiling reduce heat to medium & lay the wild cod face down(skin side facing you) in mixture – put lid on
  • Let boil till fish turns white

…take out white fish & ladle sauce on top!

*Serve with seared shishito peppers (logged under recipe tab) and a whole grain. Enjoy!!

Nutritional Info Per serving for Sauce (serves 4): 145 calories – 8 grams fat – 16 carbs – 3.5 gram protein                      
~I excluded the fish from the nutritional info because you can add in as much/little of any white fish, shrimp or scallop…typically half a pound per person.

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