Seared Shishito Peppers

after pepperQuick, easy and ever soooo tasty – seared shishito peppers are it!!!!  Awhile back I was grocery shopping at Eataly and they had samples – this is the deliciousness I tasted!  For all of you clueless about Eataly get to it!  It is an all in one Italian hot spot in NYC.  Visitors must visit & New Yorkers get with it!  By far some of the best meats, fish & produce in the city – side note their produce is UBER cheap so check it out!

  • Spray saute pan with olive oil cooking spray, rinse handfuls of shishito peppers with water & add to pan
  • Drizzle EVOO and add dashes of S/P
  • Turn heat to high and put lid on
  • Move pan around once the peppers begin to sizzle and peppers are charring 
  • Continue for ~10minutes

Sprinkle with sea salt & serve pipping hot!

Nutritional Info for 30 peppers: 180 calories – 10 grams of fat – 30 carbs – 6 grams of protein

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