Whole Wheat Pizza Dough


In a hurry, don’t have a bread machine & want to make a fresh batch of dough?  I got the answer!

  • Get a medium size bowl – mix 3/4C + 1T lukewarm water & 1t sugar
  • Stir in active dry yeast & let stand till all yeast has dissolved
  • Add 1C whole wheat pastry flour, 1C all purpose flour & 1/2t salt
  • Stir until dough comes together – then knead for about 10minutes
  • Let stand for an hour covered, refrigerate covered overnight or wrap in oiled plastic & freeze

I am a big stickler on not measuring in the kitchen.  However when it comes to baking you have to stick with the rules or else you will not get a good result.

Find original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Slice (6 slices): 140 calories – 0 fat – 28 grams of carb – 4 grams of protein

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