Tandoori Chicken Burger

tandoori burger

Whoooeee – this baby was scrumptious!  Ever since the crab cake I cooked I have been craving any kind of burger…don’t really cook red meat in our house – so the tandoori chicken burger seemed right up my alley!

  • Mix 1.5lbs ground chicken, 4 scallions, 3T minced ginger, 2T fresh lemon juice, 1T paprika, 2t cumin, 1/2t ground cardamon, 1/4t cayenne pepper, 1/2C whole wheat bread crumbs (I added this at the last minute) & S/P to taste – form into 4 patties
  • Heat & spray cooking oil on skillet – place patties on medium heat – should cook for at least 6minutes on either side
  • While the burgers are cooking grab another bowl & mix small fage 0%, 1T fresh chopped mint, 2t cumin, 1T fresh lemon juice & S/P to taste – refrigerate till ready
  • Toast bread – we used mini whole wheat pitas – lame I know, but all the naan at our grocery store was way to calorie dense for me…

To serve top the burgers with a few red onions, sliced cucumbers, fresh cilantro &  yogurt sauce! D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

Find original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Patty ( 4 Patties): 280 calories – 18 grams of fat – 6 carbs – 45 grams of protein 
Nutritional Info For Sauce ( serves 4): 35 calories – <1 gram of fat – 4 carbs – 5 grams of protein 

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