Meatless Monday Snack: The Simply Bar


First off…these can become problematic, so watch out! My husband is majorly addicted to the peanut butter chocolate bar – orders bulk quantities monthly to his office & stashes them in his drawers. Okay, so not that big of an issue I know…but when he is eating 5 a day, maybe.

Anywho – these babies have the most protein for the least calories…a nutrition label that is short & only contains words you can read…and have 10 grams of sugar or less per bar! Almost sounds to good to be true? Let me add that they are gluten free, vegan, kosher and all natural! Try finding these qualities in any other protein bar!


My go to bar is the Cocoa Raspberry because it has the least calories – 140. It has a dark chocolate taste with chunks of raspberries in each bite. Another fave is the Cinnamon Pecan, just scrumptious! Order these babies in bulk like my hub or try out one, they sell at most health food stores, GNC or here.

Enjoy Presidents Day & Eat up!

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