Meatless Monday: Whole Wheat Pasta with Meyer Lemon, Arugula & Pistachios


  • Preheat oven to 375degrees – lay 1/2C shelled pistachios down & toast till fragrant/8minutes,  set aside
  • Boil salted water, once boiling add whole wheat pasta & cook till al dente
  • When pasta is done, remove, drain & reserve 1/2C pasta water
  • Grab food processor – blend baked pistachios & half a large shallot – remove and place in side bowl
  • Without cleaning processor add one seeded meyer lemon & chop – add to pistachio mixture & blend in EVOO
  • Toss pasta with pistachio mixture until coated, add reserved water, stir in handfuls of arugula & EVOO ( I love arugula so I added tons!)

Season with S/P, add a twist of lemon & sprinkle on some vegan parm cheese – This was a tasty meatless Monday, enjoy!

Shout out to original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 4): 260 calories – 9 grams of fat – 37 carbs – 11 grams of protein 

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