Sally Hansen Salon Effects – no go nail polish


The quick stop nail polish – it peels off, you lay on, file away & voila, a fresh looking manicure with zero dry time! Er, rewind…It’s frustrating to peel off, it never once fit my 10 fingernails perfectly (literally gaps on sides) & filing down the strip was a pain. Not to mention it took 30 minutes to complete & 5 minutes after I was done it began peeling off – and now, two days later it looks like a hot mess!

I get it, the thought of laying on freshly painted nail polish strips with no hassle of waiting for the polish to dry sounds amazing – but don’t waste your time!  Head to your local nail salon & pay $20 for a mani, read a book & let someone else use their 30minutes on you!

Uh was that to harsh? Let me rephrase nicely. If I only had two options – paint with nail polish myself or lay nail polish strips myself I would use the liquid polish no doubt.

Maybe I just spoil myself with my nail polish choice – whenever I need a mani I always get CND Shellac UV Color Coat.  It is definitely a higher price point but it lasts up to 3 weeks -no fading or chipping! When you have a few special occasions in a row or you are traveling for awhile this is the way to go, your fingers will be fresh looking for weeks!

Anyone else ever use these products or a similar ones and love? I know my sister uses this & swears by it! Maybe my nail beds are not standard size & don’t work with nail strips…just a thought…

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