my mani red alert!


Oh, how a single day can change my outlook…

Yesterday I posted  Sally Hansen Salon Effects– slamming strip polish & raving over gel manicures! Today the front page of the NY Post has me nervous.

Well these amazing gel manicures I love to get use a UV light to dry the gel. The combination of the gel & UV light makes the polish last longer & rarely chip, how great! Well…not so great.  UV light is bad..I already knew that, but I guess all the ladies (& fella’s) who get the gel look over that fact. We say (speaking for me really) “how can it hurt us when we are just placing our itty bitty tips of our fingers in the light.”  Right?

This article is backed up with a lot of warnings from a doctors at NYU School of Medicine,  a Professor teaching in a dept. of Dermatology & articles written in the AAD Journal. Not to mention 2 cases of middle aged women who developed tumors on their hands due to these UV Rays (bases on research published in JAMA Dermatology in 2009) – Major cancer warning that has solid strength behind its claim.

Red flag, red flag! I must stop this addicting gel…maybe baby steps & use sunscreen before putting under the UV light?  The article does mention this.

Anyone else catch this article? If so & you use gel whats your plan of action?

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