peanut infused vodka…say wha!

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Jon & I were in Vegas not to long ago (pics to come) and we tasted the most phenomenal drink – PB & J Martini. It was to die for. We got the bartender to give us the details on the drink – just roasted peanut infused vodka! Hopefully this works…if so this summer may be a blur.

  • Preheat oven to 375degrees
  • Place parchment paper on cookie sheet & spread 1.5C of shelled/unsalted peanuts
  • Put in oven ~15min
  • Once they look juicy good pull them out & let them cool (taste one – they fizz in your mouth!)
  • Have a large cleaned mason jar ready – put in 3C vodka (I used Tito’s) & all of the roasted nuts
  • Close lid tightly & mix around at least once a day for up to a week

Keep you posted on this bad boy…PB &  J martini I can almost taste you!!

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