hot lunch: Tuna Casserole for 2

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Leftover jumbo shells? Sure did in my house – after making the ever so tasty tofu stuffed shells last night I had half a box of jumbo shells already cooked & in tupperware piled in the fridge. With the mix of leftover shells, a rainy day in the city & the hub home from work early I decided to make lunch – tuna casserole for two!

  • Preheat oven to 350degrees
  • Cook remainder of jumbo shells for ~11minutes, slice up once cooled & set aside (mine were already cooked from night before)
  • On stovetop mix: 1T EarthBalance original butter, 2T whole wheat flour, 1C chicken broth, 1/2C frozen peas & S/P to taste – once blended combine two containers of drained tuna (we always buy tongal tuna no salt added) – stir in cut up noodles
  • Grab baking dish & pour tuna/noodle mixture in
  • Sprinkle whole wheat breadcrumbs, nutritional yeast & S/P on top
  • Cover with aluminum foil & let bake for 20minutes

Most likely you have all these ingredients in your pantry/fridge – if not improvise! I am sure you could make this tasty & quick lunch or dinner in a variety of ways. Try it out!

…and just incase you were wondering about the O.L.C on the dish – I found this plate at the amazing Fishs Eddy in NYC last week. They have a pretty rad selection of vintage dishes as well as any sort of serving dish you can imagine! Anywho. I saw this dish & grabbed for it – I went to Our Lady Christian for grade school (get it? O.L.C.) so I had to have and this dish & this lunch kind of reminded me of old school home cooking from my mom when I was in grade school so I had to pull it out for the photo!

Nutritional Info Per Serving (Serves 2): 500 calories – 9 grams of fat – 67 carbs – 46 grams of protein 

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