PB&J Martini


PB&J martini was a hit! With that said, I’m a tad hungover this morning…so please bear with me.

Wanted to break out the goods (aka peanut infused vodka) on a Friday night so I invited a girlfriend over so my hub & her could be the test subjects. Set up my kitchen – juicer ready to rock, the peanut infused vodka strained, plates with different treats to coat the rims of the glasses & no martini glasses – FAIL. What to do?! Ready to drink & no proper glasses for proper ladies (and man)…welp thank goodness for the liquor store across the street. I guess I show my face there too often cause when I went in there asking if they sold martini glasses, they just got them out of a liquor gift box & gifted them to me. First gifted item as a blogger, perks are already flowing in!

Anywho…back to the yummy drink. Not going to lie, we had to test out a few small batches but then we hit the jackpot!

  • 1/2C juiced strawberries
  • 1/2t truvia
  • 2 shots of strained peanut infused vodka
  • On plates with rims: mix 1T truvia with a generous amount of water, another plate with PB2 chocolate & a last dish with crushed PB2 thins
  • Now for the fun – dip your martini glass in the sugar mixture & then pick your treat! Mine was the PB2 chocolate, my gf loved the PB2 crushed thins & Jon, well he just put them in his drink. To each their own!

We were skeptical on how strong these were until we started slurring our words after round one. So please don’t drink & drive. 🙂 Enjoy!!

Nutritional Info Per Drinks w/o Rim (Serves 2): 140 calories – 0 fat – 4 carbs – 0 protein 

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