“It’s all written…

“It’s all written out, you know. Everything is fate. All written out in heaven, or written out in Hell.” – Bill Roorbach, Life Among Giants

Lizard (David) was a high school star who had a promising football career ahead of him. However, life gave him an uphill battle – the death of both of his parents, an unstable sister, love of a high school sweetheart & an obsession over his famous neighbor.

Through all of this David was still able to make it to the big leagues & has some great years in football. During his football career David tried to forget his past, he ventured into the food business with a restaurant & even ends up retiring in his hometown with a new restaurant underway.  While trying to forget his battles of the past, it only becomes part of his present life again – this is when he decided to take matters into his own hands…

This is a twisted book of time with many themes & time periods going on all at once – sports, tangled love stories, foodie passion, scandals, murder mysteries & revenge – all unfolding in one book. A bit much, yes – but it kept me turning the pages!I think this book is a great read. Kept my mind in the game & wanting more! Buy here.


SPOILER ALERT!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending!

First off – WOW, Dabney’s brother was Kaiser! Did not see that one coming at all! Then with the potent mushrooms – I was at the edge of my seat with this! With Kate being so unreliable I was unsure if she could pull it off and when she did, was she part of it?  Did she give the bad mushrooms to Sylphide on purpose, but how would she have known? Did Sylphide poison herself? Did Sylphide die another way? Who knows. But the ending of this book sure had me stay awake in bed come 3AM – suspenseful! and was it just me or did any of you want Lizard & Sylphide to end up together?

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