BBS or just BS?


Body By Simone, I am sorry to do this to you but man the 60 minute HTB (hips,thighs & buns) class was painful, in every aspect! Yes, I was sore the following day but was it worth it…I think not. Let me give you my review.

Pro: $89 for 5 classes on Groupon & I was sore after the class (soreness =  tight summer body!)

Con: No flow with the entire space, no microphone during class & the instructor had to keep getting up to turn the music on/off & up/down

  • Check in – Was easy breezy, right when you walk in. However when I left they had to confirm that I checked in, waste of my time. They also didn’t give me the lay of the land when I initially arrived – grant it the space was rather small & I could figure it out on my own, but it would have been nice.
  • Locker Rooms – What locker rooms? There is a small wall with lockers & a coat rolling rack – every single hanger & locker was full. I was able to eventually snatch a hanger for my coat but I had to bring my bag into the class.
  • Amenities – There was one bathroom, nothing fancy. The sitting area was outside of the classroom, fresh water infused with strawberries in it for people to sip on (nice touch) & clean towels for use.
  • Setup of Class – Square room with mirrors & tons of light. Yoga mats, balls & stretch bands in one corner. Would have been nice if the instructor advised us to grab what we needed at the beginning of class, rather then all of us scouring the bins to find what we needed while she began teaching again.
  • Classroom – Was a H.O.T. mess – for real. We walked in & class had already begun. Mind you there were only 15 girls in the class & we all just signed in, couldn’t they have told us class was beginning?  Anywho, we walked in & the instructor was doing moves & everyone was trying to follow her beat – but literally no one was! She was bouncing up & down, moving left & right – not one person was following her!  Not to mention that she didn’t have a microphone so no one could hear her!  She had to stop what she was doing 2x & come up to me to tell me to adjust cause I wasn’t able to hear her – waste of her & my time! Also there were multiple times when the instructor had to go to the stereo & change the song or adjust the volume – the class was an hour, make the most of it!
  • Who Simone is – She used to be a trainer working under Tracey Anderson (whom I love!) & branched off to do her own thing. She trains celebrities such as Sandra Bullock & Anne Hathaway (she has to be good then, right?) .

As mentioned in bullet one, they had to confirm I checked in while I was leaving…so I got the nerves to ask THE Simone (yes she was behind the desk) why there was no microphones (crossing my fingers that the mic was just broken today)? She said that the class is based on dance and she found that mics do not promote what she wants.  Okay…well at least I got an answer.

Overall, YIKES! Not sure if it is a good or bad thing that I have 4 more classes left on this Groupon deal? Hopefully I am wrong & I will go back & see it all in a brighter light. We shall see!

Has anyone every tried BBS? If so, you like?

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