Stoop SALE Workout!


As mentioned in a previous post – my hub, pup & I are moving…TO BOSTON! So excited for this next chapter in our life! All my friends are crazed that we are leaving NYC. Yes, we love it here – but guess what? Who is to say Boston is not our next stepping stone in life? That is why we are accepting Boston with open arms & couldn’t be any more excited!

With that said, we had a stoop sale today…or as some people would call it, a garage sale. Getting rid of the old before the big move!

We currently live in a 3 story brownstone. I was on the stoop hooting & hollering for people to come in, while the hub was in our apartment trying to sell our things for good deals. Imagine – him & I racing up and down the flights of stairs multiple times every 10 minutes. We got rid of a lot of goods & shed a few extra pounds! We are now sitting on the ground eating on our laps for a month! 😉 Needless to say, it was a complete success!

So to prepare you for climbing flights of steps (wish I did this in advance!) or to just tighten up your legs before summer, I found this leg workout. 15 minutes of intense exercises for some sexy legs! Now that sounds like a deal to me!

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