“There’s someth…

“There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory & feeling utterly cold.” – Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Nick & Amy’s 5th wedding anniversary is right around the corner & plans are being made to celebrate. However, plans drastically changed when Amy turns up missing. The hubby of the year is no longer looking so great, the cops close in on him & have him as their #1 suspect. Nick doesn’t even help himself, he twirls himself into a bed of lies & inappropriate behavior amidst the case of his missing wife.

The first part of the book is told in first person by both Nick & Amy, Nick in present time & Amy is in the past by way of journal entries.  Both stories are very different, which make the reader question Nick & Amy all together. Did Nick kill Amy? Who killed Amy? Where is Amy? Did Amy skip town? Was Nick not so perfect? Was Amy perfect? One thing we know is that their perfect marriage was not so perfect.

The second half of the novel we find out that Nick & Amy have been hiding the truth…

If you have yet to read Gone Girl, then go get into it! This is a thriller that keeps you awake every night in bed with you only wanting more! Buy here.


SPOILER ALERT!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending!

Okay, for real..this book is AMAZING!! The second part of the book is insane! Nick of course was having & hiding an affair and crazy Amy (yes she is 100% crazy) is actually alive and hiding!! Like how batsh*t crazy!! She is trying to frame Nick for her death, hence the diary she kept (from part 1) is fake, intended to further implicate Nick to the police.

Amy runs low on money, makes friends with the wrong people in hiding & is robbed by fellow guests of a motel. She becomes desperate & seeks help from an old friend. Her psycho male friend (yes he is crazy too!) agrees to help her, however Amy soon feels trapped in his house. The crazy ho (sorry but she is just so crazy) then KILLS HIM & returns to Nick saying she was kidnapped. She doesn’t get this past Nick, he knows she is a psycho & a killer.

The ending kind of stinks cause they stay married & Amy gets herself impregnated in a nasty way (saves his semen), so Nick feels trapped with her and the soon to be child.

Regardless, an AWESOME read! Make sure to include this on your summer reading list!

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