Get Your Yoga On


Running around & not able to get to the gym? I get it, everyone is busy & with summer approaching there is only more traveling & less gym time. So here are some basic yoga poses that you can do anytime, anywhere – if traveling or even if you are just to lazy to get to the gym these simple poses can get you by.

These are 26 basic yoga poses that will get your blood flowing, get your heart rate up a bit & rest your mind. If you are feeling adventurous, try for 3 sets of this! Trust me, you will be glad you squeezed this routine in!

…and really, Sunday is the perfect day to restore yourself & your body, so try this out!

6 responses

    • Beingapositivelight – It is really great for traveling! I do it often, even sometimes when I am at the gym…good stretch & great to wake up the body! Glad you found this useful.


  1. I have been really dying to try out yoga. I heard it is great and the benefits it has on your body is amazing. I am used to just running and throwing around weights, but I heard yoga is so much more than that. Thanks for all the poses your posted up there 🙂

    • Aregularcupofjoe – You are very welcome! Honestly the benefits of yoga are beyond. It leans you out, tones you up, stretches you, works muscles that have never been touched & relaxes the mind and soul. Can say I do work yoga in with my weights & cardio…mixing is key. If you try let me know how you like!

      – SS

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