Tel Aviv…I Think I Love You!

tel aviv 2This post is long overdue! Between the move to Boston, a few weddings we have to attend & packing up for our next adventure of a trip (let’s call it honeymoon 2.0) it is hard to find time to sit down & write. Regardless, here it is….my love for Tel Aviv!

  • I was in amazing company. I was there for a close friend’s bachelorette party. The ladies I was with were flawless, from their looks and styles to their personalities. Get 10 girls who don’t know each other & are from all different parts of the world in a room for 10 days & you think there would be mayhem, right? Not this bunch! I guess it is all on the bride, clearly she has good taste in her friends 😉
  • The accommodations were out of this world. Again, thanks to the wonderful bride!  She has an apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv & all the ladies were able to crash there. Views were insane, the city & water felt at our fingertips from 25 stories up. What a sight!
  • Great weather. Who can complain about 80 degree weather the entire trip. Not me! Beaches everyday & sundresses every night, what more could you ask for!
  • The cost wasn’t bad at all. We wined and dined every day and night (at some of the top restaurants in the city) & the tab was always cheaper then expected!

Now lets get down to business…the food & excursions!!!jer 2

The food was CRAZY GOOD! I am talking every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner & dessert!

Well, breakfast we typically crept through. After endless pours of wine at dinners & late nights out this was to be expected. Most people had espresso & a bit of fruit. I engorged myself on medjool dates which I love (clearly you saw my love for them in recipes here & here)! They were so yum & I could not get enough! Our lunch table was the beach – every day for lunch we ordered hummus with pita bread that was so light & fluffy, the juiciest watermelon you could ever imagine, & Israeli salad with the freshest ingredients (I was in love, made it here when I get home)! Now lets be real, why can’t the states have beach food like this?!?!?! If I go to the beach or even a pool for that matter I only get the options of fries, burgers & dogs. Hello? I want to keep my body tight…not weigh it down in my teeny bikini (sorry, vent session)!  Speaking of teeny bikini…for dinners I really focused on the veggies when I was there. Why you ask? Well after my first dinner at Messa comprised of fresh beets, I was in heaven and I didn’t turn back. I swear after this trip I bet every girl thought I was a vegetarian! These are all such simple dishes, but with fresh ingredients & the right touches they were prefect. Here a just a few of the ever so tasty dishes I had for dinner, and the restaurants I had them at:

  • Blue Rooster – I think this is my fave spot.Weirdly enough, it is in a mall, right by the bride’s apartment & we went there one late night. Every appetizer, dinner & dessert I tasted here was ridiculously amazing! One thing that I tried to recreate when I got home was the herb salad – I failed. We still ate it, but I never posted because it was nothing like theirs!! Parsley, mint, coriander, pine nuts, olive oil & raw tahini go in this one of a kind dish! So basic, yet I cannot seem to make! I challenge you to try and if you succeed let me know the secret!
  • Machneyuda – Second fave for sure. Cool vibe & pre-set menu that wowed our entire group. The fresh basil, tomato, caper berries, red onion salad really woo’d me.
  • Shila – Red cabbage, fennel, mint, parsley, caper berries, green beans & cauliflower salad (note to self, I have to make this)
  • Taj Mahal at the Dead Sea & Kedma by the Western Wall in Jerusalem – Roasted eggplant & veggies at both places
  • Hotel Montefiore – Tarragon vinaigrette dressing on just a wedge of iceberg lettuce

Before I go on about the activities we did, I want to mention halva – a simple mediterranean dessert. Halva was brought into my world in Tel Aviv and ohh how I am thankful for that! If you have never tried, get into it! It is a great dessert that was served at almost every dinner. Shredded was the way I preferred, but to each their own!

Okay…now on to our activities & a little nightlife!

dead sea 2

  • Masada – Our group deiced to climb up (and tram down) this beautiful historical site. I am an active person, but I was not expecting the heat & steepness on this hike! So if you decide to climb, brace yourself & bring water!
  • Jerusalem & The Western Wall – To actually see Jerusalem in person was intense. I always heard about it as a kid , but never thought I would go. It was a wonderful experience & to say that I walked where Jesus may have walked is pretty cool, right? The Western Wall was packed with crowds of people & prayers…I left a lil’ note in the wall (hope it comes true)!
  • Herods Dead Sea – Can’t handle the rad-ness of the Dead Sea! If you have not been there you have to add it to your bucket list! It was truly one of the coolest experiences I have ever had! The Dead Sea has zero marine life or plants in it because its salt levels are way high, so high that it would kill anything trying to live in it! The water is actually an oil based salt and if you accidentally taste it you will quickly regret it! Us girls plopped in the water & bounced right back up – no sinking here! You literally could not sink if you tried. The water was ultra clear so we floated ourselves out a bit…15 feet deep & the water was still clear as ever! Eventually me & another girl decided to be a tad crazy – we floated out to the middle of the Dead Sea (between Jordan & Israel) and got on a salt iceberg-ish thing that was only 3 feet in diameter. We were able to prop ourselves up on this ‘land’ – we high-fived, did a few happy dance moves, screamed hello at people who could not even see or hear us & played in the salt. It was unreal!
  • Morfium & Cleo Beach Bar – Morfium is known for the best DJs around the city & world. It was one big dance party!  Cleo’s was an outdoor night club that may or may not be a gay bar, undecided..but it was a blast! Right on the water, so you could hear the waves crashing.

Whew! This is just a small glance at the time I had. I could talk about this trip for 10 more posts, so really if you have any questions just shoot me an email or comment on here! I will be happy to answer any questions you have!

Israel was an unbelievable time with a group of wonderful people. If you have any thought to ever visit – please do, you will be very surprised in how wonderful your trip will be!

PS..This bachelorette party was for the bride getting married this weekend! I guess only fitting to do the post the weekend she gets hitched!!!!

5 responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed! Israel is such a magical place. Can’t wait for my next trip (visit #7 or 8, I’ve lost track!). I can almost taste the hummus and Israeli salad. Also, You should try the tabouli from Trader Joe’s, it sounds like the herb salad you mentioned. Have it plain or packed in a pita with all the Mediterranean fixin’s!

    • Rachel – Magical is right, it was wonderful! Want to bring the hub back for sure! ….and this Trader Joes Salad sounds like it may become a staple in our household! Can’t wait to try it out 🙂


  2. It looks like you had a great time! Israel always seemed like a place to visit one day, and you’re confirming this impression 🙂

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