Maybe I’m not g…

Maybe I’m not growing old, maybe I’m growing up. – Kelly Oxford, Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar

Summer reading at its best. This book was exactly what I needed to get my blood pumping for fun-in-the-sun summer reads.

Kelly Oxford not only got me wanting more of her hysterical real life stories, but she had me questioning my life – do I have stories this good to write about? From her trip to Vegas to meet David Copperfield (the man) to her trip down memory lane when she was six years old and trying to put together a Star Wars play!  Yes, they are that random, but she surely does not disappoint!

If you are looking for a serious book with complex character plots and a dramatic storyline, then maybe this one isn’t for you. No life lesson to learn here…well maybe that we should all check ourselves & realize chasing A-list celebs is never a good thing (hello jail time…you’ll know what I’m talking about if you pick up this book)!

I couldn’t put this book down when I was in Tel Aviv, laughing out loud at the beach. Every single friend downloaded it on their kindles immediately!

But really, if you are looking for an easy, uplifting read then this book is for you. Hope you enjoy it…buy here!


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