ROME1Where do I begin? I could have spent months, or even years in Rome learning the city’s history! Every street housed at least one site to see & it was the norm to pop around a corner and randomly run into a 1,000 year old church, statue or fountain!  Being in the midst of all of this made me feel a tad overwhelmed – such a short period of time in Rome (3 days) & so much to see and take in.

If your next adventure brings you to Rome do not worry about what to eat or do – there are countless activities &  an unlimited amount of restaurants to pick from. With that said, I am listing out the main sites we saw, a few places that got our taste buds going & a gem that we found that should surely make your to-do list if you trek to Rome!

Continue on reading to get my best of Roma!


  • Stay at a hotel with a view – There is so much history in Rome, so stay were you can see some of it! We stayed at Palazzo  Manefredi & our bedroom window looked out to the Colosseum! Dinner at the hotel restaurant did not disappoint with the food or views either. 
  • Grab to-go food at Eataly,  picnic in Villa Borghese gardens & rent a rickshaw-esqe bike – How could I resist? Eataly was my love in NYC so I had to make a pit stop at the store in Rome. This place trumps NYCs store, it is massive & the produce is so fresh! The picnic was a perfect touch, park was beautiful & the bike ride was such a fun way to end our picnic!
  • Head to Piazza Garibaldi for sunset, then walk down the windy hills to the Trastevere neighborhood and find any spot for dinner – This hill top has amazing views of the entire city (look from both sides) and they even sell beer up there, so great for a pre-dinner drink!
  • Hit up  Il Margutta RistorArte for dinner, then walk to Piazza di Spagna  & the Fontana di Trevi afterwards – All walking distances from one another & after a meal like this you will still feel light on your feet & ready for more adventure!  To see the spanish steps or the trevi fountain is a must, so any time would be okay to check it out. However, I loved the vibe at night. Under the stars with a relaxed crowd all lit up by the glow of the street lights.
  • Hit up a concert – I know, so random that we ended up at The Killers concert in Rome!  The hub saw a billboard as we were driving in to the city from our flight – booked it right away for 40euros each! On a field, in the middle of Rome with The Killers, how amazing! Before you travel to any spot google around to see if any of your fave bands are playing, it’s worth the experience!
  • Taste the gelato at Della Palma & walk over to the Pantheon – Over 150 flavors & they even have soy gelato for a gal like me! (coconut was the flavor to have, 3 scoops please) Walk the streets & you will run right into the Pantheon! In the middle of the streets is one of the oldest buildings in Rome & still in almost perfect condition. It is also still a running church – so no line & free to all!
  • Book a personal tour guide for Vatican City & Saint Peter’s Basilica – This is a MUST! We arrived & the line to get in was over 300 people deep at 9am. With a pre booked guide* we skipped the line & we were swooped right in! Vatican City is massive & it was nice to have someone guide us through & explain the most important details that we may have missed if we were by ourselves. As well, without the pre booked guide we would have had to wait in another line to climb the stairs up to the top of Saint Peter’s dome. We skipped it again, and trekked up 600 stairs (you can opt to take an elevator up halfway if desired) – view was spectacular & worth every step!
  • Make sure & visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum & Palatine Hill. We hired a guide* & were able to skip the line.  Again, it was nice to have a guide pointing out things that were not to be missed & answering any questions that we had.
  • Hire a driver for a few hours – I know, sounds ridiculous right? But Rome is massive & there is SO much to see – it is well worth it! The driver* was a local who grew up playing soccer in front of the Pantheon. He knew everything & anything about Rome! He took us to all the important sties, booked a tour and waited for us at the Catacombe San Sebastiano & even took us to a hidden gem in Rome, the Aventine Keyhole! This is a random door and when you peak through its keyhole you literally have a painted view of Saint Peter’s Basilica, absolutely a must do!

Whew! This is only a third of what we did & I feel exhausted from just writing it! The amount of information we learned was a lot in a short period, but well worth it! Rome is a beautiful city with an abundant amount of history to be learned. Until next time, Ciao!

Also want to congratulate Molly D for getting my location correct! Picked out a cute lil Roma souvenir for her & will be sending it her way when I head home! If you want to get involved in my adventure click here.

PS. Did anyone know that there are palm trees in Rome!?! I was shocked!

* If you are looking to book a tour, we used Rome in Limo for Vatican City, Saint Peter’s Basilica, & for the private driver. The Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill tour was booked through Context Travel. Both great companies with friendly staff!

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