A quick flight from Athens led us to sunny Santorini & boy was it good timing! After trekking around Europe for a few weeks I was excited to put my feet up, read &  relax at our last destination. The car ride to our hotel in Oia was short & were were greeted by the Canaves staff with drinks (perfect way to start any beach vaca)! After sipping on some fruity beverages, we got taken to our room & hello paradise – private pool & patio with views of sparkling water from every angle!

The next day we were ready for…nothing! All we wanted to do was unwind, so we parked ourselves at the hotel pool, read for most of the day & finally scooted ourselves to our room to freshen up before a ‘Greek Night’ at our hotel restaurant. I was engulfed with Greek music, wine & amazing food from the beginning to the end of our dinner – Santorinian fava, grilled octopus salad, Greek salad & caponata were just a few heavenly dishes that we had!

Continue reading to find out more details on our Santorini adventure…

The days following we continued on the path of staying relaxed – a couple books read & a nice golden hue was just what the doctor ordered 🙂

We typically popped out of the hotel for either lunch or dinner. The stellar meals we had were at PelekanosThalami for lunch & Petros for dinner. Pelekanos has a 360 view of the city, Thalami has a panoramic view of the water & Petros has an amazing sunset view. So really, you are all set with the scenery if you make it to these 3 spots!  Another plus is all three spots have amazing fresh food along with the views, so make sure to bring your appetite & camera!

An adventure that did get us out of the hotel for the entire day was sailing away in a catamaran with Sunset Oia! We set sail early morning with a group of 6 other couples & were gone til late afternoon. We sailed the Caldera, next to the volcanoes, stopped by the hot spring (and hopped in), grilled out on the boat at the red beach & stopped to view the gorgeous white beach. The entire sail was a must do – the crew, other guests, food & entire experience was two thumbs up!

Even though we didn’t really partake in all the activities the island had to offer there are many things to do to keep you busy! Walk around the shops on the stone streets, rent an AV or moped to putz around the city on, hit up the local wineries or even ride a donkey!  Regardless of how mellow or active you make this trip it will surely relax you!

Santorini, I miss you already & I can not wait to visit you again!

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