It’s a terrible…

It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it, the way we throw people away? – The Secret Keeper, Kate Morton

Not my typical first of the month post for book club, but with all the travel I have been a bit off. Anywho…This book is a must read!!!! I started & finished this while on my last leg of vacation.

Sixteen year old Laurel Nicolson was playing hide & go seek with her younger siblings at her home in the English countryside. While peering out the window in her treehouse she witnessed a disturbing crime that would alter her life forever…she will never look at her mom the same way again.

The book shifts its focus to 50 years later. Laurel is an A-list movie star in London. Her mother, Dorothy (aka Dolly), has her big 90th birthday coming up so Laurel squeezed away from her chaotic schedule to make it home for the party. During her time home, Laurel saw a picture with her mom at a young age with a friend and realizes she does’t know anything about her mom’s past. So she took a leave off work & began digging. To her surprise she was overwhelmed with information that she was no ready to find.

Two thumbs up for The Secret Keeper! It is a great summer read so click here to buy now!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

From her treehouse, Laurel witnessed her mother kill a man. By the time the cops showed up, the story had been told by her mother Dorothy. The man killed himself. Laurel, young & confused went along with her parents’ story.

The book picks back up 35 years later & has Laurel back in London investigating her dying mother’s life. The novel keeps you at present time but shifts numerous times back to Dolly’s younger years where we witness love, allure & an obsession.

Dolly falls in love with Jimmy & follows him to London. He is a war photographer & she becomes a live-in maid for a well-to-do lady during the war. Dolly’s boss lives across the street from The Jenkin household. Vivien Jenkins was a beautiful lady who was married to Henry, a successful writer. Dolly falls in love with the idea of being Vivien’s best friend & will do anything to make that happen.

In the mix of life, Dolly felt betrayed by Vivien & wanted to scheme money from her. She reeled Jimmy in on the plan & to Dolly’s surprise he turned on her. Vivien & Jimmy hit it off & things were never the same between Dolly and Jimmy.

The story wraps up in Dolly’s apartment. Dolly was about to leave her place to meet up with Jimmy, when Vivien surprises her with a visit & a black eye. Henry (Vivien’s husband) has hurt her & Jimmy. Vivien breaks the news to Dolly that Henry killed Jimmy & that Dolly must leave London tonight to ensure her safety. In the midst of the war, bombs are going off & Dolly’s apartment collapses…Dolly dies.

Vivien looks at this as an opportunity to get out of her abusive marriage. She claims to be Dolly & leaves to begin a new life.

Yep, you read that right!

The mom is not Dorothy/Dolly at all – the mom is Vivien!

The man she killed was her old husband, Henry! He finally found her!

AND Jimmy never died!!!

This book has too many twists and turns to type out – so get to it & read The Secret Keeper, by Kate Morton!

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