The decisions o…

The decisions of our past are the architects of our present. – Dan Brown, Inferno

Yep, Dan Brown nailed it! A great summer read for any beach day or vacation you still have coming your way.  Clearly it aligned with our European adventure perfectly – a few days before our time in Florence I finished the part of the book when Robert was in Florence!

The book begins with Robert waking up in a hospital…in Florence. He has no idea how or why he is there, but all he knows is that his head hurts. His nurse, Dr. Brooks (aka Sienna) gives him a quick overview of his hospital admission. To Robert, nothing adds up.

The scene shifts & gunfire blasts! Sienna, scared & nervous, slams the hospital room door to keep Robert safe. She shuffles Robert through secret passageways to get him to safety, her apartment nearby. While at her abode, Robert finds a questionable object in his jacket.

The night continues with a full-on adventure that is jampacked with history & mystery (too much to type)!

So get to it & buy it here , because this book was two thumbs up!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

Robert woke up in the hospital with a head wound & zero knowledge of the last few days. His doctor, Sienna filled Robert in that he had suffered a concussion because of a grazed bullet to his head. While in the hospital bed trying to recover his last few days, Robert hears gun shots blazing in the halls – they get closer & finally the shooter arrives at his door. Thankfully, Sienna comes to his rescue & safely gets him to her apartment.

Robert searches his clothes to see if he finds any clues to why he is in Florence – in a hidden pocket (not made by him) he finds a cylinder with a biohazard sign – with no hesitation he picks up the phone & contacts the U.S. Consulate. Surprisingly, the consulate has been searching for Robert & they are sending a car to get him.

Robert thought on his toes & gave the consulate an address across the street from his actual location – minutes later the assassin from the hospital is at the address he gave the consulate! With this news, Robert thinks the U.S. is trying to kill him!


The novel is over 700 pages & has so many twists & turns to type out – but trust me from the time this book spends in Florence, Venice & ending in Istanbul, this book is amazing! It is a great summer read & as mentioned, try reading this with a friend or partner! It always makes the adventure more fun!

Get to it & go buy it here.

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