AROOOOOO!! FREE (yes, free) Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway!!!!!

If this video does not motivate you then I am unsure what will! I already went to the gym today but I feel like I need to go back after seeing this 5minute clip!

If you have participated in a Reebok Spartan race then you know the feeling. If not, you must try it out! My first race was out of control awesome – in New York at Citi Field. Literally, we were on the field, in the dugout & even in the players locker rooms! The obstacles were up to par & to make the experience all the better the people involved in the race (both participants & staff) were all so friendly! Helping out when needed & always cheering you on!

Since the first race was beyond fun, the hub & I decided to sign up for the Fenway Field Spartan race this coming November! This time around may be different too, because Reebok Spartan races has just partnered with NBC Sports Network & will feature the World Championships taking place in Vermont next month- so there is a chance you can be on TV! For more information click here.

Okay, enough about me! So you are probably wondering how you can win the free race, right!??!?! Well, it is just one easy step!


  1. Leave a comment below or on my Instagram @thesparkledsidewalk & tell me why you love Reebok Spartan races or why you want to become a Spartan!

So get to it and good luck!

Details on giveaway:
End date is August 16th (one week from today). Double entry is allowed (on post or Instagram). The winner will be chosen at random & I will contact the winner through the comment on the post or Instagram. The prize is a coupon code for one free race entrance . The code will only work one time for any open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Race in the continental US. This ‘contest’ is being done solely for fun and by participating you accept that there will be no recourse to The Sparkled Sidewalk in the event you are unhappy with your prize.

7 responses

  1. I have never done a Spartan race before, but hoping to get a big team together this year. I enjoy participating in road races, and doing a Spartan would be a blast.

  2. I love spartan races because they push you to the limits like no other race out there. Having penalties for not being able to complete an obstacle may seem harsh but it kind of makes you train harder for everything so you can complete everything. Spartan race is definitely the best race series out there.

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  4. I’ve been looking to take my training to the next level. A race like this would define doing just that. And this video…Wow. I’ve shared this on my blog as well. If this giveaway and video don’t say Feel Good Friday, I’m not sure what does!

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