Mexican Popcorn


Ariba Ariba!  This popcorn is perfectly spiced & a great treat to munch on for a Sunday movie night! Oddly enough the movie of choice tonight is Butter! Popcorn with no butter, movie about butter…ah the irony!

  1. In a side bowl combine: 1t cumin, a 1/2t each of chili powder, oregano & cayenne then add in 1/4t each of garlic powder, onion powder & salt – mix
  2. Pop one bag of plain popcorn (unsalted/unbuttered/original) – pour in large bowl
  3. Spray popcorn with olive oil cooking spray & pour over half of the spice mix – toss!
  4. Repeat step #3 & finish off the spices

Keep on tossing & serve with wedges of lime!

Nutritional Serving Per Cup (Serves 4): 100 calories – 1 gram of fat – 19 carbs – 3 grams of protein

P.S. if you haven’t seen the movie Butter, you need to. It’s hilarious, has a star-studded cast & really is a must see!

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