Grilled Banana & Cinnamon Pizza


Nothing is better than summer grilling. So when my hub found a recipe to grill a dessert pizza, I was intrigued & definitely up for the challenge! Grill a pizza….sounds weird right? That was my family’s reaction too! A good friend had us over for dinner and introduced me to the beauty of throwing pizza dough on the grill and now I’m hooked!

Start with the prep work…

  1. Turn grill to medium heat
  2. Mix together 1T ground cinnamon & 1T stevia – set aside
  3. Melt 3T Earth balance butter original spread – set aside
  4. Slice up 1-2 large bananas – set aside
  5. Either make dough (recipe here) or buy prepared dough from your local grocery store
  6. Knead the dough & roll out (our grill is more rectangle so we opted for not the typical circle pizza)

Now on to the grill…

  1. Spray grill with cooking oil, place rolled out dough directly on the grill for 2-3minutes (until it starts to get crispy and golden brown), flip & grill other side for 2-3minutes (again until crispy and golden brown)
  2. Once both sides are golden, pick a top-side – brush on melted butter, sprinkle on sugar/cinnamon mix, add the sliced bananas & drizzle on honey
  3. Close the grill & cook for an additional 1-2 minutes

Serve warm & top with a scoop of coconut ice-cream!

Continue reading for ingredient list & original recipe…

Ingredient List for Grilled Cinnamon Banana Pizza:

  • Prepared whole wheat pizza dough (if you decide to make from scratch click here)
  • 1 large banana
  • 3T Earth balance butter original spread
  • Pantry Basics: Cinnamon, stevia, honey & cooking oil spray

Find original recipe here.

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