Glow Bio Review & Giveaway!!!


A few weeks ago I embarked on a 3 day cleanse, Glow Bio by Kimberly Snyder. Not only has she taught me a lot in both of her books, but I have truly changed the way I eat because of her straightforward thinking about food. It has opened my eyes & it all just makes sense, I swear! I love all her recipes (here & here are just a few I posted) & I truly stick to a Glowing Green Smoothie every morning without fail, yum!

Anywho, when I found out that she was opening her first retail location in LA, I was beyond ecstatic! Yes bummer it’s not in Beantown, but hey…they ship nationwide! Without thinking I ordered my cleanse from the west coast for immediate shipment.  The neat thing about ordering the cleanse was that I was able to speak to a cleanse specialist over email & phone. She understood what I wanted & she altered it for my needs. I also mentioned that I would be reviewing the cleanse on here so she sent a personalized note from my girl Kim Snyder (wahooo)!

Anywho, after a few hiccups (thanks to Fedex) my package finally arrived & I was eager to begin! All of the products arrived cold, so I quickly stored them in the fridge & got out my personalized directions to read over before I began. As well, due to a special promo I was able to snag both of Kim’s books for free with the cleanse! Hellooooo Giveaway (just comment below & you are in the drawing to receive both of Kimberly Snyder’s books, yep that’s it)! 

Continue reading for more details on what I consumed as well as giveaway information!!

Here is an example of what one of my days looked like:


  1. Glowing Green Smoothie – I make this daily for breakfast regardless, recipe here
  2. Supreme Soother Booster – raw aloe, turmeric & lime
  3. Power Green Juice with probiotics – kale, cucumber, celery, lemon & parsley
  4. Detoxifier with probiotics – pineapple, cucumber & mint (probably my fave & will be making and posting)
  5. Energy in a Spoon – bee pollen & a drizzle of coconut oil (yummy good)
  6. Clean Red with probiotics – beet, apple & ginger (so tasty)
  7. Debloater Shot – cranberry extract
  8. Glowing Green Smoothie – recipe here

$$$ For a 3 days cleanse it averages to about $180, which is not bad compared to most cleanses & I did enjoy each drink, so double points for Glow Bio! One thing that I was semi eh about was the GGS. I make a killer one & I would have rather bought the produce & made my own fresh one for breakfast/dinner. Pitty party for me, I know…but really, if this is the only complaint I had about it I think I am good!

I truly enjoyed the cleanse & recommend any cleanse at Glow Bio (or any product for that matter) as well as Kimberly Snyder’s books to all – men included, my husband LOVES her stuff! And really, if the idea of a cleanse scares you take one recipe at a time!


Comment below (or on my Instagram @thesparkledsidewalk or Facebook thesparkledsidewalk) & that is it! Yes, one simple step to potentially win both of Kimberly Snyder’s books & trust me you want to read these if you have not!

On Friday the 20th I will pick a winner at random!  You are in the running to win both books by Kimberly Snyder!


Details on giveaway:
End date is September 20th. Triple entry is allowed (on post/Instagram/Facebook). The winner will be chosen at random & I will contact the winner through the comment on the post or Instagram. The prize is two books – The Beauty Detox Solution & The Beauty Detox Foods. This giveaway is being done solely for fun and by participating you accept that there will be no recourse to The Sparkled Sidewalk in the event you are unhappy with your prize.

26 responses

  1. I was about to do this cleanse as well, but was skeptical with the delivery across the country, in regards to freshness, etc. I decided to go with a local juice bar, but good to know you seemed to enjoy Glow Bio, will def have to try in the future! Hope all is well Abs! Ashley E

    • Hey Hey Ashley E 😉 Yes, I was super skeptical as well! My fave in NYC is Organic Avenue (yum yum) however if you ever want to give the west coast a try, give it to Glow Bio. Super good!

      All is well in Beantown, hope you are liking the city! and hey, thanks so much for following my blog woman!

      -xox SS

    • Hey Diana – I am actually drinking a GGS right now, love them! Thanks so much for participating in my contest! Please keep checking out my blog, more fun to come in the following months!


  2. I too, was wondering about the nationwide shipping…glad it turned out well for you! Wish I could afford a cleanse before my wedding in May 2014 (budget is a little tight!) but winning the books would be great! 😉

  3. I’m fairly new to juicing and would love Kim Snyder’s books to help me create delicious smoothies. Right now I’m just throwing strawberries, ice cubes and sugar in a blender and calling it a smoothie. I know I can do better than that!😉

    • Lauren – Heck yes you can do better woman! First, can we agree to never (like ever) add sugar to any smoothie?! Please, it hurts my soul to hear that! Fruits are packed with healthy sugars so no added sugars are needed! Try a protein powder (my fave) add some cold almond milk, chia seeds, handful of fresh berries & a banana – voila! Seriously, so simple & yummy! But Kim Snyder also has a handful of smoothies in her book (notoriously known for her Glowing Green Smoothie – GGS) so yum!

      Try these two smoothies out & if you like them maybe invest in her first book!


    • Jennifer – Happy early Birthday! Hope you have a great time celebrating it this weekend! Keep on drinking her GGS (so yummy) and following my blog! Such fun things to come in the next few months!


  4. Love Kim! I would love to try the detox but as a student I really don’t have the money for it! Would love to win! I’ve been struggling a lot with acne and this would be a good way to kickstart the healing process.

    • Caroline – Thanks so much for participating in the contest! Even though you didn’t win, I think this book may really help you – she discusses food intake/acne & overall general health – so please give at least her first book a read!

      and please keep following my blog, such fun stuff to come in the next months!


  5. I have never done juicing but am very interested to learn more. I’d love to read these books!!!!

    • Emelia – Love you! Thanks so much for participating in the contest, you had the best odds but unfortunately it went to another reader. Kim Snyder does juices, but also focuses on smoothies & solid foods – so give her a read! It is such a intriguing way to look at food!


  6. My thermostat is stuck and this would be a nice jumpstart> I love Kimberly’s
    holistic approach to health and beauty from the inside out.

    • Hey Elizabeth – A jumpstart is sometimes needed for all of us, so don’t get down!

      Thanks so much for participating in the contest though & make sure to keep an eye out on my blog because more fun is to come!


  7. I tried Glow Bio’s Candida (yes, they actually have a cleanse without added sugar!), and it was by far the most potent and holistic cleanse I have done thus far. I only wish they offered it at a lower price or greater price discount to make it more accessible to the larger community. If able, I would highly recommend their cleanses over the other LA juice bars that I have tried.

    • Hey Jennifer – I have never tried a Candida cleanse, would love to look into it though!

      Thanks so much for participating in the contest- more fun to come on my blog so keep an eye out!


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