Matcha Green Tea


To have coffee or to not, that is the question.

I get asked this question way too often – do I sip on espresso, drink lattes or hit up Starbucks? Needless to say, I have not touched any sort of coffee in about 6 months & even before that I rarely had daily doses of coffee.

What do I have to wake me up you ask? Welp, my fave thing in the morning is to have 2 teaspoons of Matcha green tea mixed with a bit of water before my workout. If I don’t work out or if I need an extra boost in the afternoon I will add 1-2t matcha to my GGS or berry smoothie. I even made matcha green tea chia pudding with it, yum!  It has such a mild flavor so whether mixing with water or adding to a smoothie you can barely taste.

Let me list the benefits of this power powder:

  • Nutrients & Antioxidants – Matcha contains 10-15x the overall nutrients & has 100x more antioxidants compared to traditional green/white/black/rooibos & yerba mate teas. These antioxidants  help strengthen the immune system by protecting against free radicals. (Coffee does not have those benefits backing it.)
  • Mood – Matcha has high concentrations of L-theanine (an amino acid) that helps improve mood while reducing physical & mental stress. (Coffee on the other hand typically gives the body jitters.)
  • Alkalize & Detoxify – Matcha contains catechin EGCG and chlorophyll which help to alkalize and detoxify the blood (unlike coffee).
  • Non Addictive – Matcha has much less caffeiene then coffee, which is released slowly into the bloodstream so that the adrenaline & cortisol are not spiked (like in coffee, which causes addiction).

So screw waking up every morning & turning on the coffee pot. Try matcha green tea!

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