“Our worst fear…

“Our worst fear isn’t the end of life but the end of memories.” – Tom Rachman, The Imperfectionists

An English newspaper based in Rome that has been around for 50+ years is at the end of the line. With hopes to keep it going, the owner’s grandson comes in trying to salvage it (not to mention that he has never read the paper before).

Each of the chapters is about an individual that either works at the paper or is somehow involved in the newspaper world.

Continue reading for a brief overview of each character (some may be spoilers)…

  • Lloyd is a reporter past his prime. He has a few kids, one has a story for him & the debate begins if Lloyd should betray his own child.
  • Arthur writes the obituaries & gets sent to Switzerland to interview a woman for her obituary (yes, her own) – his life is forever changed after this trip.
  • Herman is the corrections editor (grammar & style) that deals with the most absurd errors.
  • Kathleen is the Editor in Chief whose husband is a cheat, so she decides to look elsewhere.
  • Ruby is a paranoid (at her job and in life) copy editor. She should be paranoid…her boss considered firing her.  A fun twist is that she has known Kathleen for 20+ years & gets caught up with her new lover.
  • Craig is the news editor with a girlfriend that is years younger & a tad promiscuous. This leads him to trouble at home & in the office.
  • Ornella is a crazed OCD hoarder – of the newspaper. She reads each newspaper from beginning to end, literally ever article – she is on April 23rd 2004 (book is in 2007).
  • Abbey, the CFO gets in an awkward situation while on a flight (to say the least).

The book gets an okay from me – with each chapter involving a new character (and sometimes intertwined with past characters) it gets a tad confusing at some points. Test it out for yourself, buy here.


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