May Book Club



Let’s grab this book before we truly get into the summer months & wrap our heads around having a healthy strong body for not only the summer – but for the rest of our lives.

I have already started this book and I can say it is a must read for anyone. I have dabbled in some college courses that teach the information she goes over (12 chapters deep) – and it is info that we should ALL know!! We should know about our bodies, how we process what we eat & everything in between.

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PS..I saw the movie The Other Women with Cameron Diaz (it was hysterical) – but really her body was amazing in the movie. So get reading, eating & moving to a better you this summer!

April Book Club


A mystery revolving around an author’s most famed book, brings biographer Margaret Lea to her doorstep for the writers final story. As the story unfolds, so do family secrets.

This book looks like a page turner! Now, no one cheat & go off to watch the movie only – let’s watch it at the end of the month!

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“I walk through…

“I walk through a house once and know more about its occupants than a psychiatrist could after a year of sessions.” – Ann Leary, The Good House

Hildy, the main character of this story is a composed real estate agent, or so it seems from the outside.

Her children forced her into a 28-day alcohol rehab a bit over a year ago & Hildy is still bitter from this stint. Not believing she is an alcoholic, she resumes drinking with her new friend, Rebecca. Hildy helped find Rebecca her family’s dream home – however Rebecca’s life is not so much a dream. Her failing marriage only led her to the arms of Peter, a local therapist who is married as well.

Drama ensues after Rebecca’s fling fails & Hildy’s drinking turns into a downward spiral. Forgotten phone calls, hidden drinking around her children & even an accident that could change the town forever.

This book captures a small town vibe like no other. A good read for anyone – I give it a thumbs up!


March Book Club

the good house

Hildy is a lifelong resident of Boston’s North Shore, mother, grandmother, real estate agent & former alcoholic.

Being the ‘it’ real estate agent in town, Hildy helps Rebecca, a new wealthy resident in town, find a house for her family. While befriending the new townie, Hildy shares stories with her over wine.

With Hildy back in the saddle all lets loose – lying, affairs, accidents & more.

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“Falling in lov…

“Falling in love was easy. anyone could fall. It was holding on that was tricky.” – Liane Moriarty, The Husband’s Secret

Not going to lie – this book was read what felt like forever ago! I am slapping myself on the hand because I didn’t review this book as soon as I was done reading it! Need to stop doing that. I remember (before I got into reading) when my mom used to describe books that she read & was getting them all confused with one another. I was in disbelief with how she could simply get them confused….well look-y look-y, I am now my mother! I blame baby brain.

I do remember this book being a good one. It begins with a wife finding a letter addressed to her in the event of her husbands death! Yeah, that had me turning the pages pretty fast.  So with that, I give The Husband’s Secret a thumbs up!

approvedDon’t judge, I will do better next time – promise!

November Book Club


Cecilia finds a letter from her husband to be opened after his death – but he isn’t dead yet. Like a good wife, she tells her husband that she came across this letter – he says not to open. Why not? Should she open the letter? What is in this mysterious envelope?

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“Maybe that’s w…

“Maybe that’s what religion is, hurling yourself off a cliff & trusting that something bigger will take care of you and carry you to the right place.” – Maria Semple, Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Bernadette was an out of the box architect who won a coveted award for her home, which she designed. However, once built the house was bought by a high bidder (who wouldn’t want an award winning house)! To her dismay the buyer was a rattled neighbor who immediatly tore down the house out of spite! This sent Bernadette into a downward spiral.

Not only did the destruction of her architecture project rip her apart but her husband, Elgie, landed a big time job at Microsoft – so they moved…to the suburbs of Seattle.

The house they bought in Seattle was another fixer upper with the hopes that Bernadette would turn it around & create another award winning masterpiece. Instead, Bernadette let the house fall completely apart – moss growing inside & all.  She not only isolates herself away from her career, but she turns cold to her husband. She secretly hires a virtual assistant in India to take care of all of her daily tasks so she doesn’t have to leave her abode & keeps distance from her daughter’s (Bee) school. In this town, this is a no- no and other mothers begin to talk.

Regardless of the mess at home, the daughter Bee is a lovely child who got good grades. Her parents promised her that good grades equals a family cruise to Antarctica.

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

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“Our worst fear…

“Our worst fear isn’t the end of life but the end of memories.” – Tom Rachman, The Imperfectionists

An English newspaper based in Rome that has been around for 50+ years is at the end of the line. With hopes to keep it going, the owner’s grandson comes in trying to salvage it (not to mention that he has never read the paper before).

Each of the chapters is about an individual that either works at the paper or is somehow involved in the newspaper world.

Continue reading for a brief overview of each character (some may be spoilers)…

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September Book Club


The Imperfectionists is set in Rome & is focused on the lives of various news reporters, executives, copy editors, and a reader of an English language newspaper. The cool part is that each chapter is a story of its own on one individual but also ties back to the book as a whole.

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