“If you stepped…

“If you stepped out of the shower and saw a leprechaun standing at the base of your toilet, would you scream, or would you innately understand that he meant you no harm?” – David Sedaris, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls

Just like I thought, David Sedaris knocked it out of the ballpark again! This book had me hooked from the first story til the last page. Sedaris has a way to keep you laughing out loud in the midst of feeling bad for him – from his father issues, to his stories about taxidermy & picking up trash on the side of the road (yes, a wide range of tales to tell). I could endlessly list my fave parts in this book but I do not want to spoil the fun!

I give two thumbs up for my August book club, click here to read this book & join the SS book club fun!

Again, I should forewarn you that Sedaris has a vulgar ‘tude, but he only uses this to show the reality of how we truly live. Hope you enjoy!


August Book Club


Hellllooo August! My recent hiatus from posting was due to traveling back to my hometown & hanging with family, but now I am back to Boston for good! With that, I welcome Beantown & the last few weeks of the summer sun.

While basking in the rays I will be reading this book! First off, do not be scared off by the name! My man David Sedaris has just a lil’ bit of humor (really he has a lot, so get ready)! I am ready for his quirky short stories with surprisingly moving moments that make you question what parts of the stories are real.

Get ready to have many laugh out loud moments. Click here to buy.

The decisions o…

The decisions of our past are the architects of our present. – Dan Brown, Inferno

Yep, Dan Brown nailed it! A great summer read for any beach day or vacation you still have coming your way.  Clearly it aligned with our European adventure perfectly – a few days before our time in Florence I finished the part of the book when Robert was in Florence!

The book begins with Robert waking up in a hospital…in Florence. He has no idea how or why he is there, but all he knows is that his head hurts. His nurse, Dr. Brooks (aka Sienna) gives him a quick overview of his hospital admission. To Robert, nothing adds up.

The scene shifts & gunfire blasts! Sienna, scared & nervous, slams the hospital room door to keep Robert safe. She shuffles Robert through secret passageways to get him to safety, her apartment nearby. While at her abode, Robert finds a questionable object in his jacket.

The night continues with a full-on adventure that is jampacked with history & mystery (too much to type)!

So get to it & buy it here , because this book was two thumbs up!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

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It’s a terrible…

It’s a terrible thing, isn’t it, the way we throw people away? – The Secret Keeper, Kate Morton

Not my typical first of the month post for book club, but with all the travel I have been a bit off. Anywho…This book is a must read!!!! I started & finished this while on my last leg of vacation.

Sixteen year old Laurel Nicolson was playing hide & go seek with her younger siblings at her home in the English countryside. While peering out the window in her treehouse she witnessed a disturbing crime that would alter her life forever…she will never look at her mom the same way again.

The book shifts its focus to 50 years later. Laurel is an A-list movie star in London. Her mother, Dorothy (aka Dolly), has her big 90th birthday coming up so Laurel squeezed away from her chaotic schedule to make it home for the party. During her time home, Laurel saw a picture with her mom at a young age with a friend and realizes she does’t know anything about her mom’s past. So she took a leave off work & began digging. To her surprise she was overwhelmed with information that she was no ready to find.

Two thumbs up for The Secret Keeper! It is a great summer read so click here to buy now!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

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July Book Club


Dan Brown’s Inferno was screaming my name for July book club! It’s a mystery that begins in Florence, so how could I resist after the trip we just took!

Side note…has anyone ever read a book in sync with anyone? The hub & I typically do this when traveling, during the summer months or when we find a killer book that we both want to read.

Inferno here we come! Click here to buy Inferno & read with us!

Maybe I’m not g…

Maybe I’m not growing old, maybe I’m growing up. – Kelly Oxford, Everything Is Perfect When You’re A Liar

Summer reading at its best. This book was exactly what I needed to get my blood pumping for fun-in-the-sun summer reads.

Kelly Oxford not only got me wanting more of her hysterical real life stories, but she had me questioning my life – do I have stories this good to write about? From her trip to Vegas to meet David Copperfield (the man) to her trip down memory lane when she was six years old and trying to put together a Star Wars play!  Yes, they are that random, but she surely does not disappoint!

If you are looking for a serious book with complex character plots and a dramatic storyline, then maybe this one isn’t for you. No life lesson to learn here…well maybe that we should all check ourselves & realize chasing A-list celebs is never a good thing (hello jail time…you’ll know what I’m talking about if you pick up this book)!

I couldn’t put this book down when I was in Tel Aviv, laughing out loud at the beach. Every single friend downloaded it on their kindles immediately!

But really, if you are looking for an easy, uplifting read then this book is for you. Hope you enjoy it…buy here!


“There’s someth…

“There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory & feeling utterly cold.” – Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl

Nick & Amy’s 5th wedding anniversary is right around the corner & plans are being made to celebrate. However, plans drastically changed when Amy turns up missing. The hubby of the year is no longer looking so great, the cops close in on him & have him as their #1 suspect. Nick doesn’t even help himself, he twirls himself into a bed of lies & inappropriate behavior amidst the case of his missing wife.

The first part of the book is told in first person by both Nick & Amy, Nick in present time & Amy is in the past by way of journal entries.  Both stories are very different, which make the reader question Nick & Amy all together. Did Nick kill Amy? Who killed Amy? Where is Amy? Did Amy skip town? Was Nick not so perfect? Was Amy perfect? One thing we know is that their perfect marriage was not so perfect.

The second half of the novel we find out that Nick & Amy have been hiding the truth…

If you have yet to read Gone Girl, then go get into it! This is a thriller that keeps you awake every night in bed with you only wanting more! Buy here.


SPOILER ALERT!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending!

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April Book Club

9780307588364_p0_v1_s260x420This is a MUST read! I read this book awhile back (before my oh so amazing blog came about) and finished it within a week! I have gotten family members & friends to read it because of my persistence on how good it is! Not one person has yet to come back to me with anything negative to say – only how they could not put it down! It is such a quick read that tangles you into a whacky marriage with events that only pull you in more. So get to it & buy it here.

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