Holiday Challenge

corechallengeHope you all had a wonderful turkey day & didn’t go crazy packing on the pounds with all the juicy foods surrounding you!

If you did or did not add some extra baggage this holiday weekend try knocking out at least a half hour of cardio – whether it be on a bike, elliptical, treadmill or a walk around your neighborhood. Then get your booty working & do this 5-minute core challenge from PopSugar, I love this plank workout!



Glow Bio Review & Giveaway!!!


A few weeks ago I embarked on a 3 day cleanse, Glow Bio by Kimberly Snyder. Not only has she taught me a lot in both of her books, but I have truly changed the way I eat because of her straightforward thinking about food. It has opened my eyes & it all just makes sense, I swear! I love all her recipes (here & here are just a few I posted) & I truly stick to a Glowing Green Smoothie every morning without fail, yum!

Anywho, when I found out that she was opening her first retail location in LA, I was beyond ecstatic! Yes bummer it’s not in Beantown, but hey…they ship nationwide! Without thinking I ordered my cleanse from the west coast for immediate shipment.  The neat thing about ordering the cleanse was that I was able to speak to a cleanse specialist over email & phone. She understood what I wanted & she altered it for my needs. I also mentioned that I would be reviewing the cleanse on here so she sent a personalized note from my girl Kim Snyder (wahooo)!

Anywho, after a few hiccups (thanks to Fedex) my package finally arrived & I was eager to begin! All of the products arrived cold, so I quickly stored them in the fridge & got out my personalized directions to read over before I began. As well, due to a special promo I was able to snag both of Kim’s books for free with the cleanse! Hellooooo Giveaway (just comment below & you are in the drawing to receive both of Kimberly Snyder’s books, yep that’s it)! 

Continue reading for more details on what I consumed as well as giveaway information!!

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Fitbit Flex


As we all know NYC is a walking city. When I was there, I walked everywhere at anytime of day and in any weather. Seriously. So with the recent move to Boston I was super nervous about how much of a walking city it would be. Welp, I decided to put it to the test & see how much I actually walk here!

Fitbit Flex is not only is it going to tell me how many steps I take, but show the miles, calories burned, active minutes & my sleep habits!!

Here goes nothing and yes, a review will be posted, so keep an eye out!



I am so excited to announce my first Boston fundraiser! Well, who knows how much fundraising I will be doing here – but this came at me & I am super excited about this upcoming endeavor!

Fenway Park is hosting 222 special guests to bring their yoga practice to the field! Yes, you read that right! On September 23rd I am participating in sunset yoga on Fenway field. I feel very lucky to be part of this special yogi session & in doing so I have to raise $250 – which, hopefully I will surpass!

Anywho, all the money raised for this event will go to the official team charity of the Boston Red Sox*- the Red Sox Foundation. This Foundation is committed to strengthening programs for at risk children in the Boston community. (To read more about the specific programs which the proceeds go towards please click here.)

If you would like to join me on September 23rd, please email me for more  details on team Sparkled Sidewalk! If you are unable to join, please show some love & support me on my mat with a donation!

Click here to donate to team Sparkled Sidewalk!

*sorry NY Yankees, I am already a converted fan to my new hometown Boston, go Red Sox!

AROOOOOO!! FREE (yes, free) Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway!!!!!

If this video does not motivate you then I am unsure what will! I already went to the gym today but I feel like I need to go back after seeing this 5minute clip!

If you have participated in a Reebok Spartan race then you know the feeling. If not, you must try it out! My first race was out of control awesome – in New York at Citi Field. Literally, we were on the field, in the dugout & even in the players locker rooms! The obstacles were up to par & to make the experience all the better the people involved in the race (both participants & staff) were all so friendly! Helping out when needed & always cheering you on!

Since the first race was beyond fun, the hub & I decided to sign up for the Fenway Field Spartan race this coming November! This time around may be different too, because Reebok Spartan races has just partnered with NBC Sports Network & will feature the World Championships taking place in Vermont next month- so there is a chance you can be on TV! For more information click here.

Okay, enough about me! So you are probably wondering how you can win the free race, right!??!?! Well, it is just one easy step!


  1. Leave a comment below or on my Instagram @thesparkledsidewalk & tell me why you love Reebok Spartan races or why you want to become a Spartan!

So get to it and good luck!

Details on giveaway:
End date is August 16th (one week from today). Double entry is allowed (on post or Instagram). The winner will be chosen at random & I will contact the winner through the comment on the post or Instagram. The prize is a coupon code for one free race entrance . The code will only work one time for any open heat in any 2013-2104 Spartan Race in the continental US. This ‘contest’ is being done solely for fun and by participating you accept that there will be no recourse to The Sparkled Sidewalk in the event you are unhappy with your prize.

45minute Treadmill Cardio Blast

45 tredmill

I am pretty good with working out while traveling, however the last trip to sunny Florida threw me for a loop! I packed my gym clothes with the intention to workout everyday – hey, I even called the hotel to ask what the gym hours were! Needless to say, I came back to Boston with clean gym clothes!

So after a week away & a weekend packed full of fun & beer (white trash themed potluck* party & an O.A.R. concert) I was ready to hit the gym this morning.  With that said, the above workout kicked my bootie!

Sweat it out today & get running! This workout will surely make you feel better & hey it’s only 45minutes of your day – so get to it!

* healthified white trash taco recipe to come

Get Your Yoga On


Running around & not able to get to the gym? I get it, everyone is busy & with summer approaching there is only more traveling & less gym time. So here are some basic yoga poses that you can do anytime, anywhere – if traveling or even if you are just to lazy to get to the gym these simple poses can get you by.

These are 26 basic yoga poses that will get your blood flowing, get your heart rate up a bit & rest your mind. If you are feeling adventurous, try for 3 sets of this! Trust me, you will be glad you squeezed this routine in!

…and really, Sunday is the perfect day to restore yourself & your body, so try this out!

Stoop SALE Workout!


As mentioned in a previous post – my hub, pup & I are moving…TO BOSTON! So excited for this next chapter in our life! All my friends are crazed that we are leaving NYC. Yes, we love it here – but guess what? Who is to say Boston is not our next stepping stone in life? That is why we are accepting Boston with open arms & couldn’t be any more excited!

With that said, we had a stoop sale today…or as some people would call it, a garage sale. Getting rid of the old before the big move!

We currently live in a 3 story brownstone. I was on the stoop hooting & hollering for people to come in, while the hub was in our apartment trying to sell our things for good deals. Imagine – him & I racing up and down the flights of stairs multiple times every 10 minutes. We got rid of a lot of goods & shed a few extra pounds! We are now sitting on the ground eating on our laps for a month! 😉 Needless to say, it was a complete success!

So to prepare you for climbing flights of steps (wish I did this in advance!) or to just tighten up your legs before summer, I found this leg workout. 15 minutes of intense exercises for some sexy legs! Now that sounds like a deal to me!

Burpee Etiquette


The Spartan Race is over & done with! No broken bones, cuts, bruises or anything of the sort! My team was rocking! We finished just under 1 hour and 30 minutes & we stuck together the entire time.

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience! We were at Citifield – like real deal. On the field, in the dugout, in secret passways, throughout the seating, underground & even in the players’ locker room!

Overall there were 25 obstacles & not going to lie – I didn’t complete all of them. So what does a good ol’ Spartan do when you can’t complete an obstacle? 30 burpees, that’s what!

Check out the above step by step on proper burpee etiquette. Now try doing 30 proper burpee’s…not easy, right?

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