Meet Baby Girl Leighton Ryan


55minutes..tick tock. That is the minutes until my wee little one should arise from her morning nap…

Miss Leighton Ryan arrived June 1st 2014…a surreal experience. I was thinking I would never want to relive it again but just as she turned a ripe old age of 3months last Monday I told my husband I would live that moment over & over. Sure it was a long day, a scary nerve-wracking long day for both myself & the hub. We were stepping into an unchartered territory. Somewhere we have never been, a moment that will be different from every story we heard or anything anyone else experienced.

To spare you from all the glorious details, Leighton was born with wonderful tunes playing, candles flickering & the sun rising.

The hub announced our baby girl’s arrival..I was in SHOCK! Every person said the same thing – my baby was going to be a boy. Welp, baby girl arrived & she was a chunk of 8 lovely pounds! Laying there holding my DAUGHTER in disbelief that I am now A MOTHER everything just came naturally. She was ours & as tired as I was, she came first.

A few days later we arrived mom came in town to help out for the first 2weeks. With the weather being crummy we cuddled the baby while we couched it & watched movies* (wine may or may not have been consumed). It was a blur of 2 weeks, but it was absolutley blissful.

Anywho, my little Leighty is one heck of a gal. The past 3 months have been different, but nothing unexpected. I don’t want to sit here, brag & say she is the best (don’t want to jinx it) – who knows what growth spurt is around the corner (the last one threw me for a loop) or what the next day will bring.

She’s 40minutes into her nap and I see her little black eyes open on the monitor & her body wiggle while in her Magic Sleepsuit. Hopefully she will fall back asleep. But if she doesn’t, I can’t wait to go pick her up and watch her smile in excitement. She is my love, my light, and such a blessing in our life.

PS..look for upcoming posts on what to really have at the hospital & after, must have items for baby, sleep training, etc. Plus a few recipes if I find some creative time!

*Two of the stand out movies were Three Men & a Baby and Troop Beverly Hills. If you have not seen either STOP READING cause we should not be friends until you have seen both! They are both classics!

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