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First off…yikes. Second…please don’t do Tracy Anderson videos the day before FlyBarre.

My arms were already sore from the video I posted the other day…but but don’t you worry I am always down for a new free workout, so I signed up for my free FlyBarre class the following day.

FlyBarre is associated with FlyWheel – FlyBarre is a total body sculpting class & Flywheel is a hardcore spinning class. I previously used & posted about my free session for FlyWheel – review here.

Anywho, here is my review of FlyBarre:

Pro: Tightened up by body & showed me new moves

Con: Cost & struggled through 45minutes of pain

  • Easy Check in – Was already registered on their website from FlyWheel class, so just booked a time & came in – the computer system is right when you walk, you log in, check in & your done. You really don’t have to talk to anyone at all- so if you are having one of those days its super nice!
  • Locker Rooms – Unisex locker rooms but they have changing rooms, private bathrooms & showers, so there is never any weirdness going on. They provide nice lotions & my kind of tampons (TMI, sorry but really a double plus for ladies). Also you do not need to bring your own locks – the lockers are super simple to use & re-set when you are done using.
  • Free fruit, water & use of towels – My kind of place! I love leaving anywhere with a belly full, no laundry to do & hydrated…all for free! Don’t forget to take a free bottle of water for the road 🙂
  • Set up of class was nice – When you booked the class you picked out your mat spot – mat was in place, band & ball were ready to go. All you have to do is grab weights – 1lb, 2lb or 3lb – my initial reaction was questionable – I want at least a 5lb weight! Glad I only grabbed the 1 & 2. Cause I ended up putting those babies down & used air weights (i.e. nothing).


  • Actual Class – Worked me out for real! Started with arms, abs, legs then arms again & so forth! In this 45minute class it truly blended light weight training & core exercises – which elongate your muscles & make you lean. I love it & the concept! It tired every inch of my body & at certain times I had to put down the weights or do the assisted version of the move – but it was okay cause I still felt the muscles working!

Overall this class was killer – if I went every day my ass would be amazing -not that it isn’t, but ya know, better 😉 Just not sure if I am willing to pay out for this class when I have a gym membership already – However. If you do not have a gym membership this might be a quick & easy way to get your body tight & ready for summer!

Have you taken a FlyBarre or FlyWheel class? Did you get fly high after your class? (yes thats what they call it)

If you wanna check it out visit here.

jello arms for ALL!

Get ready to have tender arms tomorrow – this girl knows how to whip your body into shape! If you have never heard of Tracy Anderson please welcome her into your house…she shapes killer bodies, not only for herself but for many starlets including the one & only Gwyneth Paltrow!

This specific video is an 8 minute arm workout without weights. I know, not hard right? Well your arms will never go down that entire 8 minutes. Still not hard? Only way to find out is by trying it out!

I work out daily – cardio, strength train, spinning, yoga…you name it. But this video wears me out & I am crazy sore the following day! Not to mention, that in this 8 minute video I watch the minutes struggling & even count down the seconds at the end. This is only one of her multiple videos posted on youtube and I have gotten the same results for all! She even has her own line of products & videos for purchase…might be worthwhile.

…and just to give you a teaser one of my friends has said she feels like this video is on fast forward.  Go press play & try it out -Good Luck!

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