March Book Club

the good house

Hildy is a lifelong resident of Boston’s North Shore, mother, grandmother, real estate agent & former alcoholic.

Being the ‘it’ real estate agent in town, Hildy helps Rebecca, a new wealthy resident in town, find a house for her family. While befriending the new townie, Hildy shares stories with her over wine.

With Hildy back in the saddle all lets loose – lying, affairs, accidents & more.

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Fitbit Flex


As we all know NYC is a walking city. When I was there, I walked everywhere at anytime of day and in any weather. Seriously. So with the recent move to Boston I was super nervous about how much of a walking city it would be. Welp, I decided to put it to the test & see how much I actually walk here!

Fitbit Flex is not only is it going to tell me how many steps I take, but show the miles, calories burned, active minutes & my sleep habits!!

Here goes nothing and yes, a review will be posted, so keep an eye out!

You Never Know Where Life Will Take You


NYC…where do I begin? My life has come a long way since I moved to downtown Manhattan 7+ years ago (Is it bad that I just spelled Manhattan wrong and had to correct it? Whoops!).  But for real, what a ride!

I came to NYC fresh off the plane from Orlando, Florida- with high hopes of conquering the concrete jungle much like Carrie Bradshaw (you know I had to throw a Sex & the City reference in here). The first 6 months of living in NYC felt surreal. I was in the city that you see on the big screen, everything at your fingertips & action on every street corner at any time of the day or night.

Just like everyone who moves to New York, New York – I was doing the same, trying to fulfill my hopes & dreams.

Needless to say, my dreams were fulfilled. I came & conquered the city. Worked in fashion, fell in love with a boy (now my hub) & experienced the  Big Apple life (reading that over makes me smile inside & out). I met so many beautiful people, made some wonderful friendships along the way & kept the friendships that were meant to stay.

Every so often I think of where I could be…if I never left my hometown, maybe stayed in Orlando after school or potentially moved to LA instead of NYC. Life decisions are interesting, but everything you do will only guide you to your destiny. My hub & I thought we were in NYC to stay – we were looking to buy an apartment, have babies & raise our family there – then things changed. My hub had an incredible job opportunity come up in Boston, so we decided why not take our life in a new direction. The thought of Boston not only came as a surprise, it was as an eye opener about life…

Maybe Boston is where we are supposed to be, and a few months ago we just didn’t know it yet. This opportunity presented itself to us and we couldn’t turn it down, it just felt right. Life can take you places you never thought you would go and send you on unexpected new adventures. Who is to say that something (in our case, Boston) is not in the cards for you? Take advantage of the surprises that life presents to you and embrace change. You never know where you’ll end up or why, but things always happen for a reason!

New York City – I love you and you will always be there for me (only a short drive away), I will miss you as my home.

Boston – I welcome you with open arms & I am beyond excited to see where this ride takes us. Now if someone could please open up a bodega on my corner, that would be great. 🙂

xoxo SS

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