High Tea for All!

_MG_1455I am an addict. A tea addict. I love any kind – oddly enough I just went to 2 bridal showers that were both tea party themed. First, how fun is that theme and second, yippie for me! I was able to drink myself silly with tea & leave with goodies that involve my unspeakable habit.

Although I will dabble into any kind of tea I tend to stick to a few basics in my everyday.

Tazo Zen Green Tea – I have been swigging this back for years. I drink it hot or stick a bag in a bottle of cold water & let the water soak up the goodness. Swap out your morning caffeine fix for this tasty treat.

Sleepytime Herbal Tea – Goodnight ya’ll. This tea will knock you out. On nights that you need a hardy sleep I would suggest this – drink an hour before bed & you will zonk out but wake up fresh. It is also a great tea to sip on when sick – sleep off your sniffles with some shut eye.

Loose Tea or Tea Flowers – Any of it. I guess I kind of  feel like a grown up when drinking this (uh I am pretty sure I am a grownup but I’m going with it). I like it & it is fancy looking. Either grab a mug that has an infuser or a tea clamp. The specific tea I am drinking in the picture above is a tea flower: a butterfly floret green tea with fresh jasmine. Sounds fancy, right?

Cinnamon Honey Tea – I recently tried this one for the first time – there has been lots of Pinterest hype over it, sip on it & shed pounds. I started it up a few weeks ago & now I am hooked. I personally don’t even care about the weight loss part, it just straight up tastes yummy. In mug mix: 1t cinnamon, 1t honey, boiling water & stir. Click here to read about the benefits & which cinnamon you should purchase. Yes there is more then one type!

Now, put down that soda, coffee or sugar charged drink & sip on some natural goodness one cup at a time while reading April book club!

Meatless Monday: Vegan Carrot Cake


I decided to end our mini vacation with a bang – vegan carrot cake for the family! First off, both my brother & dad cringe at the word vegan. So I had to trip them up, this cake sure had them both at hello and kept my attention all the way until I finished my third slice (yes 3 slices, sigh of delight)!

Honestly this cake was SO moist, and all the flavors blended perfectly – the ginger, maple syrup & the cardamon brought this dish together…my mouth is watering while thinking about it again, enough said. YUM!

  1. Preheat oven to 350degrees
  2. In a large bowl combine: 2C whole wheat flour, 1t baking soda, 1.5t baking powder, 2t ground cinnamon, 1t ground cardamon & 1/2t salt – stir
  3. After stirring add in: 1/2C Earth Balance Original natural buttery spread, 1.5C brown sugar, 1C plain applesauce, 1t minced ginger, 1/2C fresh OJ & 1/2C water
  4. Stir until all is mixed thoroughly, then fold in 2C shredded carrots
  5. Spray two 9″ pans with cooking oil & split batter – bake for 25-45minutes or until toothpick comes out clean (mine took 25)

While cakes are cooling make the TWO types of icing…

  1. In a small bowl blend: 1t minced ginger, 1/2C pureed pineapple & 1.5C powdered sugar – beat until smooth consistency 
  2. In another bowl blend: 1/4C maple syrup & 1C powdered sugar – beat until smooth

To serve place the first layer of the cake on a serving dish, spread pineapple ginger filling on top. Then layer with second cake & spread maple glaze on top. Sprinkle with shredded carrots & slice up to serve!

P.S. I also tricked both my pops & bro to think my tofu stuffed shells were actually ricotta stuffed shells – they bought it! So get on it, switch it up & try it out!!

Nutritional Info Per Slice (Makes 12 Slices): 390 calories – 8 grams of fat – 79 carbs – 4 grams of protein…and a slice is worth every calorie!

For ingredient list & original recipe continue reading…

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Meatless Monday: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


Hot cake, hot cake – who wants a hot cake? I’ll take two please…make that three! Welcome to my world cinnamon roll pancakes, cause you are staying with me forever!

On meatless Monday I usually start my day off with a beet juice – consisting of apple, celery, lemon…ya know all those goodies you want after an indulging weekend! So when I woke up with carbs on my mind I knew I needed to nix the juice! Mission: fix my carb craving. Found just the recipe – cinnamon roll pancakes, hello tasty! These delicious cakes were eaten up fast & the glaze was licked clean off that plate (TMI?).

  • In a large bowl mix: 1C whole wheat flour, 1T sugar, 2T baking powder, 1/8t salt, 1C almond milk, 2T melted coconut butter & 1.5T ground cinnamon – stir till smooth consistency
  • Preheat griddle (or pan) & spray with cooking oil – spoon portion of batter on griddle, I used a large ice cream scoop to portion my pancakes & it worked wonders
  • Brown on both sides – set finished cake to the side & continue process until all batter is used up
  • In side bowl combine: 2T almond milk, 1/8t vanilla extract & 1/3C powdered sugar
  • Whisk until all the chunks are gone

Grab as many pancakes as your lil’ heart desires (no judging here!) & top with sugary glaze!

Shout out to original recipe here.

Nutritional Info Per Pancake (Makes 6 cakes): 130 calories – 5.5 grams of fat –  22 carbs – 3 grams of protein
Nutritional Info for Glaze (Serves 2): 165 calories – <1 gram of fat – 40 carbs – <1 gram of protein
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