Baked Mini Crab Cakes

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Whoop whoop, the hub & I made it, we have been married a year! Well, I am a few days shy but who is counting 😉 With that said, the food at our wedding was OUT OF THIS WORLD. For real, so good! Our caterer (Michael Stuart) knocked it out of the park & so I decided to recreate one of the tasty appetizers that he served at our wedding – the baked mini crab cake, YUM!

I thought these would be perfect for the last summer hoorah, Labor Day weekend! You can either make these mini (like I did) or into a larger patty for a burger/main dish. Up to you!

On to the crab cakes…

  1. Preheat oven to 375degrees
  2. In a large bowl mix together: 1T nayonaise, 2T melted butter (I use Earth Balance non-dairy natural buttery spread), 1t worcestershire, 6 egg whites & 1lb  lump crab meat
  3. In a small bowl mix: 1/4C bread crumbs, 4t old bay, 2t dried parsley, 2t dried mustard, 1t baking powder & 1t black pepper
  4. Combine the dry mixture into the crab bowl & blend with your hands
  5. Shape 14 crab cakes & place on prepared baking sheet
  6. Bake for 15minutes, then flip & bake for an additional 15minutes (until nicely browned)

While the crab cakes are baking dice up one preserved lemon (this adds SO much flavor!) – set aside. Once the cakes are browned remove from oven, top with diced preserved lemon & serve warm.

Happy Labor Day! We are off to Nantucket for the long weekend to celebrate our anni & relax. So make sure to check out my Instagram (@thesparkledsidewalk) for travel pics!

Nutritional Info Per Crab Cake (Makes 14): 60 calories – 1.7 grams of fat & carb – 8.3 grams of protein

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