The decisions o…

The decisions of our past are the architects of our present. – Dan Brown, Inferno

Yep, Dan Brown nailed it! A great summer read for any beach day or vacation you still have coming your way.  Clearly it aligned with our European adventure perfectly – a few days before our time in Florence I finished the part of the book when Robert was in Florence!

The book begins with Robert waking up in a hospital…in Florence. He has no idea how or why he is there, but all he knows is that his head hurts. His nurse, Dr. Brooks (aka Sienna) gives him a quick overview of his hospital admission. To Robert, nothing adds up.

The scene shifts & gunfire blasts! Sienna, scared & nervous, slams the hospital room door to keep Robert safe. She shuffles Robert through secret passageways to get him to safety, her apartment nearby. While at her abode, Robert finds a questionable object in his jacket.

The night continues with a full-on adventure that is jampacked with history & mystery (too much to type)!

So get to it & buy it here , because this book was two thumbs up!


SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Continue reading if you want details on the ending…

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July Book Club


Dan Brown’s Inferno was screaming my name for July book club! It’s a mystery that begins in Florence, so how could I resist after the trip we just took!

Side note…has anyone ever read a book in sync with anyone? The hub & I typically do this when traveling, during the summer months or when we find a killer book that we both want to read.

Inferno here we come! Click here to buy Inferno & read with us!

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