Tel Aviv…I Think I Love You!

tel aviv 2This post is long overdue! Between the move to Boston, a few weddings we have to attend & packing up for our next adventure of a trip (let’s call it honeymoon 2.0) it is hard to find time to sit down & write. Regardless, here it is….my love for Tel Aviv!

  • I was in amazing company. I was there for a close friend’s bachelorette party. The ladies I was with were flawless, from their looks and styles to their personalities. Get 10 girls who don’t know each other & are from all different parts of the world in a room for 10 days & you think there would be mayhem, right? Not this bunch! I guess it is all on the bride, clearly she has good taste in her friends 😉
  • The accommodations were out of this world. Again, thanks to the wonderful bride!  She has an apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv & all the ladies were able to crash there. Views were insane, the city & water felt at our fingertips from 25 stories up. What a sight!
  • Great weather. Who can complain about 80 degree weather the entire trip. Not me! Beaches everyday & sundresses every night, what more could you ask for!
  • The cost wasn’t bad at all. We wined and dined every day and night (at some of the top restaurants in the city) & the tab was always cheaper then expected!

Now lets get down to business…the food & excursions!!!jer 2

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Goodbye NYC, Helloooo Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv, Sea Side 3471

Jetting off to Tel Aviv in a few hours for one of my girlies’s bachelorette party! They planned this down to the wire – so pumped! Full of beach days, wonderful dinners each night, a few club nights (oh man) &  two full days of activities! We are exploring Jerusalem for the entire day & the other excursion day we are climbing Masada and going to the Dead Sea!

With that said, I will most likely be updating my Instagram only while I am away. So make sure to follow me so you can see all the rad photos from our adventures!

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So excited to document my trip, can’t wait to report back!

xox SS

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