Glow Bio Review & Giveaway!!!


A few weeks ago I embarked on a 3 day cleanse, Glow Bio by Kimberly Snyder. Not only has she taught me a lot in both of her books, but I have truly changed the way I eat because of her straightforward thinking about food. It has opened my eyes & it all just makes sense, I swear! I love all her recipes (here & here are just a few I posted) & I truly stick to a Glowing Green Smoothie every morning without fail, yum!

Anywho, when I found out that she was opening her first retail location in LA, I was beyond ecstatic! Yes bummer it’s not in Beantown, but hey…they ship nationwide! Without thinking I ordered my cleanse from the west coast for immediate shipment.  The neat thing about ordering the cleanse was that I was able to speak to a cleanse specialist over email & phone. She understood what I wanted & she altered it for my needs. I also mentioned that I would be reviewing the cleanse on here so she sent a personalized note from my girl Kim Snyder (wahooo)!

Anywho, after a few hiccups (thanks to Fedex) my package finally arrived & I was eager to begin! All of the products arrived cold, so I quickly stored them in the fridge & got out my personalized directions to read over before I began. As well, due to a special promo I was able to snag both of Kim’s books for free with the cleanse! Hellooooo Giveaway (just comment below & you are in the drawing to receive both of Kimberly Snyder’s books, yep that’s it)! 

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Meatless Monday: Organic Avenue


It has been an interesting weekend to say the least – hub was away on a bachelor party in Reykjavik, Iceland and I was looking to get into something to kick off the warmer weather heading our way (today is supposed to be close to 70)! I decided a 3-day cleanse was fitting. The hub & friends wreaking havoc on the town & their bodies, while I spruced myself up!  Harsh, but the truth ;).

Anywho. In NYC we have a wide variety of cleanses to choose from. A friend of mine suggested Organic Avenue – so I went ahead & signed up!  I could either get a mix of the daily juices handpicked by their staff delivered to my doorstop every  morning (I love the convenience of NYC) or pick it up at a nearby location – I chose the latter so I could speak with the worker & pick out my own options for each day (I am one particular lady!).

This is an example of what one of my days consisted of:


  1. Lemon Shot – 100% lemon
  2. Splendid Sweet Green – pear, orange, cucumber, swiss chard, collard greens, kale, lemon & mint
  3. Avocado Tomato Basil Soup – purified alkaline water, avocado, lime juice, sun-dried tomatoes, green onion, basil, garlic, himalayan salt, black pepper & cayenne pepper
  4. Green LOVE – kale, celery, romaine cucumber, swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, pear, lemon & parsley
  5. Caring Carrot – 100% carrot juice
  6. Creative Cashew Hemp Mylk – purified alkaline water, dates, irish miss, cashews, hemp seeds & himalayan salt
  7.  Big Kale Salad – kale, arugula, celery, hemp seeds, sun-dried olives, raisins & carrots with their lemon herb vinaigrette (alkaline water, EVOO, lemon juice, dates, garlic, scallions, savory, thyme, himalayan salt, green onions & cayenne pepper)

I am sure the above list shocks you a bit – but I wanted to rejuvenate my body before the summer comes! Day 1 I felt weary of the outcome, but by day 3 I was feeling amazing! Clean body equals a clean mind & spirit. This was just what the doctor ordered! If you want to read more FAQs about the cleanse click here.

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