July Book Club


Dan Brown’s Inferno was screaming my name for July book club! It’s a mystery that begins in Florence, so how could I resist after the trip we just took!

Side note…has anyone ever read a book in sync with anyone? The hub & I typically do this when traveling, during the summer months or when we find a killer book that we both want to read.

Inferno here we come! Click here to buy Inferno & read with us!


florenceGoodbye Tuscan countryside, hello Florence!

The drive to Florence was another peaceful drive, and with a quick stop in Siena we knocked out another place to visit! Siena is a quaint town with only a few attractions which we navigated our way around easily. Some italian lunch in our belly & scoops of sorbet to distract from the pounding sun made it fun to walk around the endless curvy roads.

After a few hours in Siena we kept on trucking to our hotel in Fiesole (town right outside of Florence with insane views looking over the main city)! We arrived to a 600+ year old mansion called Villa San Michele that Michelangelo designed (yes, Michelangelo!)!  The views were crazy insane from every window! We stayed at the hotel for the first night & dined at their terrace restaurant – the food was impeccable! Baby lobster, shrimp, fresh grilled veggies & homemade sorbet!

The following day we were in over our heads! We met our guide & then packed in a full day of tours & site-seeing. Check out our itinerary below:

  • Galleria dell’ Academia – This is where my boy ‘David’ resides. A statute that you always hear & see in books & life, so this is a must! No pictures allowed so make sure to turn your camera on silent (hehe)!
  • Procellino Market – If you want to shop for a real leather bag or some cute adornments this is a good market to catch! Make sure to rub the bronze wild boar statute’s foot for good luck, it is housed at one side of the market!
  • The Uffizi Gallery – Countless number of famous works are under this roof. It surely be on your list to accomplish before you leave Florence. Be warned that no pictures are allowed to be taken & no AC – yes NO AC! So we swiftly went through the museum in record time, but with our private guide we we were certain to not miss a thing! (also…I set the alarm off getting to close to a painting, so no need to be alarmed if you do too!)
  • The Pitti Palace – Another spot that should not be missed. We really crammed this one in!
  • Piazza della Signoria – Holds the fake ‘David’ and other sculptures that you must check out!
  • Piazza della Repubblica –  The heart of expensive shopping, find all your brand names here – as well as a merry go round! We happened to be in Florence during their fashion week, so it was a bit more chaotic than the norm.
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore – Green, pink & white marble construct the outside of the cathedral! Worth a look inside, but the outside is what really grabbed me!
  • Ponte Vecchio – The oldest & cutest bridge in Florence with great shops & good views! The water, not so blue, but hey at least you have some rowers in the river getting a workout in!
  • San Lorenzo Market – Keep on shopping at this destination or if your feet hurt buy a new pair of kicks, that is what it is known for here!
  • Vasari Cooridor – Make sure to look up when you walk! There a private walkway for a pretty powerful person from way back when – he didn’t want to walk with the common folk so he created a private path for himself (pretty money, eh?)!

Lastly, make sure to pop in to get some gelato at Gelateria Perché No. The soya hazulneut gelato had me at hello & within the 12 hours we were in the city I had stopped at this place for breakfast and lunch, so clearly you must try!

Anywho…our days in Florence were amazing & I can only recommend staying longer if you have the time! We would have loved to roam the streets for a few more days but our schedule was too tight, next time Firenze!

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